180 Mini Quad Parts List – Sub 200 Size Quadcopter

250 size Mini Quad are popular due to small form factor, agility, fast and ease to build. Then, we also have the popular brushed micro quadcopters. They are great fun to fly indoor, but they don’t perform particularly well outdoor due to the lack of power.

Last updated: 21 Oct 2015

And now, we have the 180mm size mini quad (sub 200mm mini quadcopter)! The 180 mini quad has the best of both worlds being able to handle both indoor and outdoor very well. The tiny footprint enables it to fly in small space, yet it’s powerful which allows you to perform crazy acro moves.

The 250 Mini Quad parts list was a great success that helped thousands of people, so here we will compile a parts list for the 180 class mini quad. Most of the parts that are normally used on a 250 mini quad, can still be used on the 180, so I will only be listing the parts not been mentioned previously. Please use the 250 parts list with this list at the same time when choosing your components.

180 Mini Quadcopter Frames

Frame Name Image Price Material Weight Review Builds
Tarot TL200 tarot-tl200a-mini-quad-frame $13 Fiber Glass 50g
Diatone Blade 180 Diatone Blade 180 $17 Carbon Fiber 21g
Diatone ET 180 Diatone ET 180 $20 Carbon Fiber 26g
Eachine Q200 Eachine Q200-mini-quad-frame $21 Carbon Fiber 40g
Tweaker tweaker-180-mini-quad-frame-shen-drone $45 Carbon Fiber 67g
Morphite 180 Morphite_180_mini-quad-frame $55 Carbon Fiber 60g
XElites XE180 XElites-180-mini-quad-frame-assembled-close-up-feature $70 Carbon Fiber 64g Oscar Oscar
AP180 AP180-mini-quad-frame-3 $70 Carbon Fiber 98g Artur B. Artur B.
Thug180 V4 BRÅNNSTORMER THuG180 V4 BRANNSTORMER $86 Carbon Fiber unknown

FC – Flight Controllers

Basically you can’t go wrong with Naze32. Any other 36mm x 36mm FC should also fits the sub 200 size mini quad well.

For a full list of flight controller please refer to 250 FC section.


The most obvious choice would be 1306 motors. I believe you can also get 1806 2300KV motors for this class of quadcopter, running 4045 propellers on 4S. For more motor tests and thrust data, check out this post on best motor for 180 mini quad.

Motor Name KV Picture Weight Max.Thrust/g(cell:[email protected]) Price Thrust Data
DYS 1306 3100KV dys-1306-3100kv-motor 12g 286 (3S:4045:7.8)
382 (4S:4045:10.8)
Sunnysky 1306 3100KV sunnysky-1306-3100kv-motor 12g $16 Oscar
T-Motor 1306 3100KV t-motor-1306-3100kv-motor 11g $42
Emax 1806 2280KV EMAX-MT1806-motor 18g 300 (3S:4045BN:9.1)
414 (4S:4045BN:12.8)
Cobra 2204 1960KV cobra-2204-1960 25g 294 (3S:4045BN:7.2)
466 (4S:4045BN:10.7)
$21 Oscar
Cobra 2204 2300KV cobra-2204-1960 25g 355 (3S:4045BN:9.6)
515 (4S:4045BN:13.7)
$21 Oscar

ESC – Electronic Speed Controllers

Normally I would recommend 12A ESCs, such as Blue Series 12A, or Afro 12A. Recently the DYS 20A was released and they are even smaller and lighter than some of the 12A ESCs. However they don’t have a built-in BEC that supply 5V to power flight controller and radio receiver, which means you will have to have a dedicated BEC or 5V voltage regulator for this purpose.

Name Current Picture Price Cell Allowed Weight Firmware
Blue Series 12A (16A) Blue-Series-12A-ESC-Hobbyking $8 2S-4S 10g (Flashable)
Afro Ultra Lite 12A (16A) ESC-Afro-12A-esc-ultra-lite $10 2S-4S 10g SimonK
DYS SN20A 20A (22A) DYS-SN20A-Mini-ESC $11 2S-4S 8g SimonK
DYS BL20A 20A (22A) DYS-BL20A-Mini-ESC $11 2S-4S 8g BLHeli
FVT Littlebee 20A (30A) FVT-Favourite Littlebee 20A BLHeli $16 2S-4S 4g  BLHeli

FPV Camera

Options are very limited when it comes to FPV camera due to size restriction. I think a normal size board camera is still possible for some frame with compatible design.

Camera Name Picture Type/TVL Price FOV Input Voltage
Mini FPV Camera CMOS 520TVL $52 90 degree 3.6V-24V
Sony Super Had CCD 650TVL $39 2.8mm 3.6mm 12V


Propeller Name Material Price
Gemfan 4045 Plastic $1
Gemfan 4045 Carbon Nylon $1.6
Gemfan 4045 Carbon Fiber $4.5
Gemfan 4045 BN Pastic $1.9
FC 4045 Plastic $2.2
HQ 4045 Bullnose Pastic $2.3

LiPo Batteries

As for LiPo batteries it’s dependable on what motors you are running. For 1306 3100KV motors, 2S and 3S are the most common. it’s possible to run 4S on it, but it’s a bit unstable due to the stress, and motors might not last long.

Any larger motors such as 1806/2204 2300KV motors, 4S is the way to go!

Capacity wise, 1000-1500mah are pretty good range for 180 size mini quad.

List Expansion!

This is only the beginning of 180 size mini quad, i am sure there will be massive expansion to the list in the near future :)

38 thoughts on “180 Mini Quad Parts List – Sub 200 Size Quadcopter

  1. sukumar sinha

    I am very much interested to build a mini home made quad copter so can you help me giving a requirement, which type of frame, motor, electronic speed controller, flight controller, and propeller are require and others.


  2. Rene

    Hi Oscar,

    i have a zmr 180 emax 2204 2300kv emax nano 12a esc prop 4045 bn or 4045 tri bullnose naze32.is it possible to run 4s with the 12a or do i have to go to 20a esc?


    1. Oscar Post author

      yes you can use more efficent motor/prop combo… check motor datasheet to find out which is most efficient… that should give you longer flight time… also build it so it’s as light as possible…

      lastly… i would really appreciate it if you could post your questions on the forum: http://intoFPV.com … I only check my blog comments once a week, but I use the forum everyday!

  3. Tom heagy

    Hi Oscar, I am running an devo7 tx, with a cc3d to openoilot, Zeus 20a esc’s, to cobra,2204 2300kv, I have the battery buzzer/lost aircraft finder, my question is openoilot wouldn’t read my 3 back right flight switch, only the gear switch which is only a 2 mode switch, on my tx, I changed my gear to fwd, now openoilot can see my 3 switch as flight modes. But now I have the buzzer connected to the gear, how can openoilot correctly read this gear switch ass my buzzer? Hope you can help, thanks! Tom

  4. lukim

    Hi Oscar,
    great list so far!
    I got a few suggestions for parts updates, as there are some interesting parts available or coming.

    RCX 2205 2633KV
    rotorgeeks 2700 KV
    DragonFly 2206 2800KV

    HQ 4x4x3

    Flip32 AIO
    Singularity (impulseRC)


    DIATONE Spadger
    DIATONE Lizard
    shendrones Krieger
    shendrones Mitsuko
    xLabs Shrike

  5. Williedawg

    Hi Oscar, newbie question for you, my 180 came with PDB that has 5v out. Should I wire it to FC or use the ESC ( emax 12a blheli ) to FC. Or is there a nother use for the PDB 5v out.

  6. Erik

    Hi Oscar,
    I think you should check out the Scorpia 180 from “Lizard-rc.se”. It’s a great frame, very robust, nicely designed and decently priced. They deserve some more credit for their frames.
    Keep up your good work and take care!

    Best regards,

  7. Jason

    Hi Oscar,

    I got some Tiger motors MT1306 3100kv v2.0 to use with the 180. The box says its rated for 1-2S batteries but I’ve read articles where some pilots used 3S. Do you have any input as to whether this is acceptable or would it be a safety hazard? Thanks

    1. Oscar Post author

      Hi Jason, when those motors are rated for 1-2S, they are designed for 1-2S… sometimes we can get away with 3S… given the current draw is reasonable… but it’s always at your own risk… I would consult someone who has been running this motor on 3S see how their motor perform, and use your best judgement…

    2. Pete

      I just purchased Tmotor 1306 and have same concerns wanted to run 3s or even 4s 850mah… my dys 1306 have worked with 4s.

  8. Kevin

    Hi Oscar,

    Great blog, keep it going! Have you checked out the RotorX Atom RX122? I’ve seen it for sale at LiftRC. It’s full FPV with brushless motors at 122mm!


  9. luc

    Hi Oscar,
    maybe you should add the diatone ET 180 and 200 and the Diatone blade 180 and 200. They seem to be ok frames.

  10. Newtoon

    Btw, for a small quad with tiny 2000 kv motors from HK, do you think I can use 3S on 6A ESCs without too much risks ?

    1. Oscar Post author

      it depends on the motor / propeller combination you are going to use, how much current it’s going to draw.

      1. newtoon

        5040 + hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=32434 . Already tested. Motors a little hot at the end of 10 min but not a lot. According to HK, the motor takes 5.5 A max. They are so tiny and my quad is quite light (230 gr) that I don’t think I could burn them, but I’m a bit scared.

      2. Oscar Post author

        that motor is rated for 2S… so 3S might be a bit too high for it. I can’t seem to find the suggested props for it… i am guessing 5030, so 5040 with 3S is probably too much for this little motor.

      3. newtoon

        I can tell you I tested that for two months without any issue. I just remove a little power on my transmitter. Motors are a bit hot, not too much and everything works. I tried first with 5030, but 5040 gave even less noise and nice power.

        I still have this question about ESCs though. If nobody has the answer, I will test that, I guess and see what happens.

  11. Newtoon

    In my opinion, smaller lighter frames have huge advantages. It is the fact that you can use it in small parks without danger and lot of fun. It’s a very good tradeoff.

    My opinion is to use bigger Kv motors such as 1806 2300KV and 5040 props (that you can cut). The idea is to get less high pitch noise for neighbours. I already tested this idea with 2000 kv small motors from HK and I liked it very much.

  12. bol2riz

    Hi Oscar !

    Here is a 180 foldable French frame, which is the evolution of it’s big brother the JPay quad and jPay Spider :

  13. Santi

    Hi Oscar,
    Congrats for the blog! It’s an awesome source of valuable information for beginners like me.
    I’m plan to build my first quad and I think 250 is the right choice but I’m a little bit overwhelmed by the different sizes
    180, 200, 250, 280? What are pros and cons of everyone?
    What size do you think is better/funnier?


    1. Oscar Post author

      bigger frame supports bigger props, so in theory should be faster :) and gives you more choice when it comes to motors :)
      If this is your first build I would probably recommend 220-280 size :) really doesn’t matter too much exact size, just pick a frame you like and start building !


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