[RC] 1811 Micro Brushless Outrunner Motor Review

by Oscar

1811 Brushless Motor Sepcification

The 1811 motor have many versions with different rotation speed, 1500kv, 2000kv, 2900kv and 3800kv. I own the 2000kv and 2900kv, and I found the latter is more powerful and generates more thrust than the first under the same setup.

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Data supplied by HobbyKing.com


  • Weight (g) 10
  • Shaft A (mm) 2
  • Length B (mm) 22
  • Diameter C (mm) 18
  • Can Length D (mm) 7
  • Total Length E (mm) 30
  • Mounting holes distance: 16mm
  • Kv: 2000rpm/v
  • Suggested Prop: 7×5
  • Suggested Power: 7.4v
  • No Load Current: 0.4a
  • Thrust: 130g / 5000rpm
  • 7.4v no-load speed: 15000rpm
  • Peak Eff Current: 5.5A

This motor is one of the most popular micro brushless motor out there. It’s sold at a very cheap price at hobbyking for $8.

It is said to be used for 7.4V (2cell Lipo), but there are people using it with 11.1V (3 cell lipo). I think it might be possible to run at 11.1V, but when the current exceed the max it can handle, it will eventually burn out. While it might be possible to do this, I would highly advise against using a 3s lipo with this motor at all. 2s lipos are cheap, just get a couple and save yourself burning out the motor!

However there are some disadvantages of this motor.

  • First, the wire can break quite easily.
  • You will need to have a 0.050 ( 1.27 mm) Hex Wrench to fix the bell and the shaft.
  • Difficult to mount hobbyking 5030 prop on the prop savers that come with them. However I have written a post on how to do this easily.

Some of these motors come with prop adapter, and you need 1.5 mm Hex Allen Key Wrench for it.

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newtoon 5th October 2015 - 2:09 pm

I use this motor on a homemade 170 quad (230 gr AUW with 3S 900 mah). I started with that 2000 kv motor because it was the best trade off I found 2 years ago for a light silent quad. They are a bit fragile (motor wires) but work very good with 3S and become warm but not too much. I have a lot of fun like this. I use 5040 props that I cut a bit.