Build: 550mm Paper RC Wing (RTF Airplane)

by Oscar
550mm Paper Airplane Rc Wing Banggood

I am building a 550mm beginner wing for practising line of sight (LOS) flying. This ready-to-fly “paper RC airplane” from Banggood includes everything you need to build and fly it. Put a tiny whoop AIO VTX/Camera on it you can even fly FPV.

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Prices are getting ridiculous for FPV drone components. An extreme alternative is to fly wings/planes as they only use one motor and ESC, and don’t require a flight controller. For a beginner FPV wing, I think the S800 V2 is a pretty good choice (see my build here).

For a LOS wing, I think this 550mm “Paper Airplane” is a good one, because it comes with almost everything you need to build and fly it. Also it’s extremely light weight just under 140g, makes it relatively durable and harmlessly when you crash.

Where to Buy?

Get it here:

It comes with all the materials and tools needed (except glue, I used some E6000, you don’t really need it but it makes the build stronger for sure).

It also comes with servos, motor, props, radio controller, radio receiver, LiPo battery, battery voltage checker, and even a copy of a simulator along with adapter and cables so you can practice on a computer! (I didn’t try it so not sure how good the simulator is, but it’s nice to have.)

550mm Paper Airplane Rc Wing Banggood Unbox Accessories

Specs and Features

  • Wingspan : 550mm
  • Length: 470mm
  • Material: foam
  • Flying weight: 137g
  • Motor: D1306 3100KV Brushless motor
  • ESC: Emax 15A ESC with Built-in 5V BEC
  • Servo: 2pcs*3.7G-4.3G
  • Remote control: 2.4g 4CH, support mixing control
  • Propellers: Gemfan 3052×3
  • Battery: 2S 500mAh


  • Recommended Propellers: Gemfan 3052×3, 4045×2 (most efficient) or 4045×3 (most power least flight time)
  • Recommended Battery: 2S 380mAh-500mAh, weight 29g-39g

Build Instruction

The manufacturer does not provide any instructions or manual with the kit on how to build it, you basically have to figure it out yourself by looking at the product photos. It sucks really.

Because of this I didn’t take photos during my build, just in case I was doing something wrong. Anyway I found a good post on RCGroup and followed some of the good tips there which helped me tremendously with my build. I think the models are slightly different, but the assembly is almost the same.

The radio that it comes with is flyable, but really low quality and I hate using it. So I am using an really old Frsky D4R-II (D8 protocol), so I could bind it to my own radio (the TX16S MAX with multi-protocol module) to fly it.  If you are using your own radio too, you need to create a new model and setup the mixer like this.

I will post some flight videos later when I have time :) Possibly I will put a light weight AIO camera/VTX on it for some FPV flights too :)

Build Pictures

Here are some of the photos I took of my build:

550mm Paper Airplane Rc Wing Banggood Nose 550mm Paper Airplane Rc Wing Banggood Motor Propeller Esc Radio Receiver 550mm Paper Airplane Rc Wing Banggood Lipo Battery 550mm Paper Airplane Rc Wing Banggood Control Surface Elevons 550mm Paper Airplane Rc Wing Banggood Control Horn Rod Servo 550mm Paper Airplane Rc Wing Banggood Bottom 550mm Paper Airplane Rc Wing Banggood Spars Carbon Fibre Rods

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