Anniversary Sale: Top Discounted FPV Products on Banggood

by Oscar
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It’s Banggood’s Anniversary Sale from September 1st to 9th, and there are some incredible deals on FPV products. In this post, I will recommend a few products that I have recently reviewed and which are now available at a discounted price. This post is sponsored by Banggood.

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Radiomaster Pocket

Radiomaster Pocket Radio Transmitter Stand

Get the Pocket from Banggood from only $66 (use coupon for possibly more discount BG7654a2):

The Radiomaster Pocket is a compact and affordable radio. It’s basic, but offers most features you’d need for flying an FPV drone. With its portability, this radio is ideal for travel. It excels in its ergonomic design, featuring removable sticks for easy storage, and hall effect gimbals for smooth controls. Though the gimbals are smaller than some alternatives, they still provide high precision for both “thumbers” and “pinchers.”

In terms of firmware, it comes pre-installed with the popular EdgeTX and is compatible with ExpressLRS, ensuring up-to-date features and reliable performance. It offers a variety of controls, from trim buttons to switches, which are intuitively designed and easily accessible.

Battery life is decent, with built-in charging capabilities. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as a challenging gimbal tension adjustment and limitations in stick length and stick travel, these are relatively minor considering its affordability and feature set. Overall, it outperforms competitors like the Jumper T-Lite V2 in most aspects. Therefore, I’d highly recommend the Radiomaster Pocket for both beginners looking for budget-friendly options and seasoned pilots needing a portable radio.

You can learn more in my review:

Jumper T20S

Jumper T20 T20s Radio Transmitter Power On

Get the T20S from Banggood from only $119 (use coupon for possibly more discount BG318295):

The Jumper T20 / T20S radio transmitter offers the functionality of a full-sized radio in an impressively compact form. It offers a blend of best features cherry-picked from Jumper’s previous models. It sports advanced technology, including an internal ExpressLRS module, and comes pre-installed with the popular EdgeTX firmware.

What sets the T20 apart is its versatility. It has full-sized gimbals along with an array of 10 switches, 6 sliders, and 6 flight mode buttons. This ensures it suits both multirotor pilots and those flying planes. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, and its weight is more manageable than full-sized competitors.

Battery life is impressive, with up to 14 hours of runtime at 10mW using 21700 4500mAh cells. Despite a few minor shortcomings like slow charging and absence of a gimbal protector, the T20 offers exceptional value, making it highly recommendable for both beginners and seasoned pilots.

You can learn more in my review:

Radiomaster Zorro Limited Edition

Radiomaster Zorro Radio Transmitter Hand Hold Grip Ergonomics

Get the Zorro LE from Banggood from only $126 (use coupon for possibly more discount BG092b59):

The Radiomaster Zorro is an RC transmitter that excels in functionality, user-friendliness, and customization. Running on EdgeTX firmware, it offers a superior user interface with a larger, brighter screen compared to its competitor, the Jumper T-Pro. The Zorro’s gimbals are highly adjustable and upgradable, ensuring a smooth flying experience. The transmitter provides a multitude of switches and controls, catering to a wide range of FPV needs. Its ergonomic design offers better grip and switch accessibility. Although its battery life is less impressive, Radiomaster offers a convenient workaround for in-field charging. If you are looking for a well built radio with small form factor the Zorro is worth considering. Learn more here:

The Limited edition is basically the same as the original version, but it offers different housing colors in green, yellow red, pink and transparent.

Sonicmodell Baby AR Wing

Sonicmodell Baby Ar Wing Pro Fpv Wing Rc Airplane Model Assembled

Get the Baby AR Wing from Banggood from only $69.99 (use coupon for possibly more discount, for USA BG775679, for Germany BG5202cf):

The Baby AR Wing Pro from SonicModell is a scaled-down but feature-rich version of its larger counterpart. With a wingspan of 682mm, it’s lightweight, compact, and incredibly portable, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced pilots who value ease of transport. The wing is pre-installed with essential hardware like servos, motor, and ESC, simplifying the assembly process. A standout feature is its detachable wings, allowing for easy, tool-free disassembly—perfect for backpackers. Its design also incorporates thoughtful elements like an air-cooling system, spacious compartments for electronics, and streamlined servo horns for better aerodynamics. However, it’s more suited for calm weather flying. Overall, it offers a great balance of portability, ease of assembly, and customization options.

Learn more here:

HGLRC Drashark

Hglrc Drashark 1.6 Inch Toothpick Micro Fpv Drone 1s Analog Size Hand Palm

Get the DarShark from Banggood, use coupon for special price $99.99

The HGLRC Drashark is a 1.6-inch micro FPV drone designed for both indoor and outdoor flying. Despite its small size, it packs impressive features like a sturdy 2mm-thick carbon frame, integrated Zeus 5in1 AIO flight controller, and SPECTER 1002 21000kv motors. It boasts a flight time of 4-5 minutes with precise control and agility. Although it lacks accessories like batteries and spare parts, and has minor setbacks like a non-adjustable camera angle and short battery lead, its overall performance and affordability make it stand out. If you’re looking for a compact, budget-friendly drone with top-notch performance, the Drashark is a strong contender.

Learn more here:

SkyRC B6Neo Charger

Skyrc B6neo Lipo Battery Charger

Get the DarShark from Banggood, use coupon BGdeacd4 for $32.99

The SkyRC B6Neo is a versatile and portable LiPo battery charger ideal for both beginners and seasoned users. With a modest $37 price tag, the charger offers a variety of features, including compatibility with multiple battery types, error warning systems, and a maximum output power of 200W when connected via XT60. It also doubles as a power supply and a battery voltage checker, adding to its utility. Its compact size and ability to operate via USB-C make it convenient for travel, especially for drone enthusiasts. While some limitations were noted, such as not reaching the claimed 80W output when powered via USB-C, these shortcomings are minor and potentially fixable via firmware updates. Overall, the SkyRC B6Neo presents a high-value option for diverse charging needs.

Learn more here:

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saikek 6th September 2023 - 8:56 am

Jumper T20S coupon does not work – says “it applies only to japan”

Krzysztof 3rd September 2023 - 5:09 pm

I am missing discount for DJI googles :(

Oscar 4th September 2023 - 4:34 pm

There’s no discount for DJI products at the moment unfortunately :(