News: Aomway Commander V2 FPV Goggles

The Aomway Commander V2 FPV goggles are now available for pre-order. This goggle has similar spec and price to the Dominator HD3. In this article we will take a look at the features and specifications, to see how it compares to the previous V1 and the Fatshark HD3.

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I have been hoping for a long time that somebody will make a pair of goggles that is just as good as the Fatshark, but I have been disappointed many times. I am super excited about the Aomway Commander V2 because of my previous experienced with the V1, and the released spec. Maybe this is the one that we have all been waiting for?

I might publish a review of these goggles when they come out.

Check out this tutorial to learn about FPV Goggles

aomway commander v2 fpv goggles

Commander V1 & V2 Comparison

Review of the  Aomway Commander V1

The Commander V1 is a solid pair of goggles at an affordable price. It wasn’t the best in terms of features and performance, but it’s definitely one of the best in terms of value. Now Aomway is finally stepping up their game with the V2.

The most exciting improvement in the Commander V2 goggle is definitely the 45° FOV! This is probably one of the biggest FOV in “slimline style” Goggles right now.

Resolution hasn’t changed that much, the Commander V2 has an 800×600 screen while the V1 had 854×480, but the larger screen will definitely help you see better.

They’ve also switched from a 16:9 screen to 4:3. I love 4:3 ratio because all my FPV cameras are 4:3. However you can switch to 16:9 in the goggles if you want, it will simply leave black bars on the top and bottom of the 4:3 screens.

Price $310 $420
FOV 32° 45°
Resolution 854×480 800×600
Ratio 16:9 / 4:3 4:3
IPD 59-69mm 59-72mm
VRX Channels 40 64
HD Input 720p 720p, 1080p
3D Yes Yes
Head Tracking Built-in Modular
DVR Yes Yes
OSD No Yes
Idle Alarm No Yes
Anit-Fog Fan Yes Yes
Voltage Input 2S-4S 2S-4S
Diopter Lens Insert Yes Yes
Audio Output Yes Yes

aomway commander v2 fpv goggles antenna connectors

Aomway Commander V2 vs. Dominator HD3

Review of the Fatshark Dominator HD3

When comparing the specs of the Commander V2 and Dominator HD3, it sort of gives me a feeling that Aomway has made this goggle to compete specifically with the Fatshark’s best goggle.

On paper, the Aomway Commander V2 has slightly better FOV and IPD range. There are some other advantages listed in the table below too.

While the price of the Commander V2 is still higher than the HD3 Core, you have to consider the built-in video receiver, and it also comes with two FPV antennas.

With the Dominator HD3 you have to buy the VRX and antennas separately which will cost another $50 to $100. Although this weakness can also be its strength because you can choose whatever receiver module you want. And they do generally perform better than built-in VRX.

It’s hard to call a winner until we have fully tested the new FPV Goggles :)

Fatshark Dominator HD3 Core Aomway Commander V2
Price $400 $420
FOV 42° 45°
Resolution 800×600 800×600
Ratio 4:3 4:3
IPD 59-69mm 59-72mm
VRX Modular, Not Included Built-in
HD Input 720p 720p, 1080p
3D Yes Yes
DVR Yes Yes
OSD No Yes
Anit-Fog Fan Yes Yes
Antennas Not Included Included
Battery Not Included Not Included
Diopter Lens Insert Yes Yes
Audio Output Yes Yes

aomway commander v2 fpv goggles bottom button sd card slot

Specifications of Aomway Commander V2

Here are the spec of the Aomway Commander V2 FPV Goggles that we haven’t mentioned above.

  • Optical: FOV: 45°
  • Lens: Glass optics (binocular)
  • Display: 800×600 SVGA LCD display, LED back-light
  • 3D function: Side/Side 3D (also support 3D from AV-input and HDMI)
  • Interpupillary Distance (IPD): 59~72mm
  • Audio Output: Stereo
  • Power Supply: DC 7-18V (2S-4S)
  • Button Operation:
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Channel Selection
    • Display Mode
    • DVR Recording
    • Head Tracking

Connector Interface

  • DC in: standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector
  • AV in: 3.5mm four-pole AV jack port
  • Audio: 3.5mm three-pole earphone jack port
  • Head tracker: PS2 data port

DVR Recording

  • It can record video from the built-in video receiver, or AV-in
  • Supports Micro SD card max 32GB
  • Video compression format: MJPG 30fps
  • Recording resolution: D1 NTSC 720*480/ PAL 720*576

23 thoughts on “News: Aomway Commander V2 FPV Goggles

    1. Dennis

      I have some ancient Skyzone goggles without OSD, and it will tell you by beeps as you change band and channel. It’s definitely not as convenient, but it works.

  1. rnelias

    now I understand why Aomway Commander v1 made such success…

    I’ve never had realized that Commanders v1 have almost the same specs as Dominator v2 until reading your comparison. The 32 degrees, 4:3, 640×480 resolution is the best FatShark optics I’ve ever tried (and I already had all HD goggles)

    1. Oscar Post author

      it’s not quite at the same level as the Dominator V2, which I am personally using currently.
      The commander V1 has considerably smaller FOV, mostly because it’s in 16:9 so it looks more like a letterbox. It’s even smaller when you turn it to 4:3 mode. I am a 4:3 person and I still prefer the Dom V2 over the commander V1. But I am seriously considering the V2 :)

      1. Dave

        Not going back in time… FPV is not a movie with the director controlling the horizon. 4:3 is matching normal eyesight FOV much better and Nature knows best… always.

      2. Vic

        Don’t want to be a dick Dave but everything around us is panoramic or widescreen, monitors, tvs, smartphones, cinema, videos, photos. No to mention human eye is panoramic too, it sees more along the horizontal axis than the vertical axis.

      3. hugh

        how they improved all the specs to very simular to the hd3 and it’s so much cheaper

    1. Dennis

      I prefer 4:3 by far. Getting more vision above and below is, at least to me, more important than sideways. Less uptilt needed, easier landings.

      OTOH, I’m flying freestyle, not racing, so cornering isn’t as important to me. Might be different for a racer.

    2. kaya

      It’s also 16:9, the editor made a mistake.

      1. Oscar Post author

        it can switch to 16:9 by chopping off the top and bottom, but the screens are 4:3.

  2. Antonio

    Well at the end of the line Fatshark might be better due to the fact that you get your diversity module which is probably better than the built in’s from Aomway, but at least someone is getting up to Fatshark’s neck, competition is good for us customer, they’ll have to release more innovative products and improve prices to continue sitting the goggles throne.

    1. Vic

      Tests made by Josh Bardwell demonstrated that the rx from the commanders v1, slightly outperformed the top modules like Furious and LaForge, so…

  3. fpvscout

    1. $420 👎
    2. What’s the point of HD input while goggles do SVGA?
    3. For this price I’d get Fatshark, even thou will have to get battery and receiver module.

    1. Scott

      Because it’s HD when using the simulator! I have the V1’s and the 720HD simulator resolution is very nice! 1080P would be awesome! Plus, you can use it to watch videos…use your imagination! ;) LOL So, they only do SVGA when using them for flying an actual quad. Plus, the receivers built into the V1 give outstanding reception! … I mean awesome! No reviewer has ever complained about the reception and diversity they give.

  4. Siow Yi Joe

    its fuc*ing black… no offence but its black… *face palm* hope it does not catch on fire in the hot sun

    1. Oscar Post author

      I guess they didn’t have much choice. They can’t use grey because it was the V1. It can’t be white because people will accuse them copying Fatshark… lol :D But I agree, it would’ve been better if it was in lighter colour


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