Review: AOS 5 EVO FPV Drone Frame – What’s New?

by Oscar
Os 5 Evo Fpv Drone Frame

In this review I will share with you my experience with the new line of AOS frames in 2023, the AOS EVO. The ‘Evo’ stands for evolution, and it’s clear that these frames have evolved with some key features that many of us have been requesting.

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Upgraded Features

The main feature that stands out in the AOS EVO frames is the soft mounting for not just the DJI O3 camera and the Walksnail Avatar V2 cameras (the new cameras with onboard gyro that supports stabilization), but also pretty much any 19mm and 20mm width FPV camera. This is a significant upgrade that offers flexibility and customization.

Another feature that caught my attention is the panel mount XT60 connector. If you’re someone who likes to mount the battery connector on the top plate securely, then these newly added hard points make that really easy to do.

Os 5 Evo Fpv Drone Frame Top

Camera Mounting

The AOS EVO frames have a soft camera mount, a custom silicon mold that allows you to mount cameras with 19mm and 20mm width. This soft part is reversible, meaning you can have the two holes closer to the front for the O3 camera (so you don’t get props in view due to the camera’s wide FOV) or spin it around and have the two holes closer to the rear for the Walksnail Avatar V2 cameras (offers better protection). The new camera cage fully supports ND filters for the DJI O3 camera.

XT60 Mounting Options

The focus here again is on versatility. If you like to have your XT60 coming out of the side or the back of the frame, you can still do that. But what’s new is the adjusted cutouts in the front of the frame. If you like to use a panel mount connector, you have these hardpoints where you can mount that.

Os 5 Evo Fpv Drone Frame


There’s a lot of interchangeability between the previous version and the latest EVO frames. The braces on the bottom of the frame and the arms are identical. The differences are in the camera plates and the top and bottom plate.

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