The Best 4S and 6S LiPo Batteries for FPV Drone

The recommended LiPo batteries on this page have been tested and you won’t be disappointed by the performance and value. Due to the difficulties in shipping LiPo batteries these days, price and availability are the most important considerations in my opinion. Getting them locally can usually save you a great deal of money.

There are many other considerations in choosing the best LiPo battery for your racing drone: performance (e.g. real discharge rate and capacity), longevity, weight, size and so on. To learn more about LiPo batteries please check out our guide: LiPo Battery Beginner Guide for Drones and Quadcopters.

All the batteries featured in this article are 4S (4-cell) LiPo packs since this is the most popular voltage we power our 5″ and 6″ mini quad with. The most popular capacity range are between 1300mah and 1600mah, smaller packs for racing and larger packs for freestyle flying.

Stick with well-known brands when choosing LiPo’s to ensure decent quality and performance. Here is a list of battery brands that we have used with good experience.

  • Gaoneng (GNB)
  • CNHL (China Hobby Line)
  • Dinogy
  • Infinity
  • Lumenier (GetFPV)
  • RaceDayQuads (RDQ)
  • Rebel Batteries
  • Turnigy Graphene
  • Tattu
  • Thunderpower

The Best 4S LiPo

Gaoneng 4S 130C

A long-time top performer in the micro world has finally brought us some mini quad batteries.

Tattu R-Line 4S 95C

The Tattu R-Line 4S is one of the best performers, and they claim to have a shocking “95C” C-Rating, on which many would seriously doubt it. However these batteries are priced nearly twice as high as the Infinity Graphene. It would probably be an overkill for everyday flying, but great for races.

Bonus – Tattu Fun Fly 4s 100c

Just as strong as the R-Line series, but more for your everyday flier, the Fun Fly holds true to its name and you really will have fun flying these.
• 1300mah – $23 – 149.5g (Shop: Banggood  | GetFPV)
• 1550mah – $25 – 178g (Shop: Banggood | Amazon)

Infinity Graphene 4S 70C

The Infinity Graphene 70C is an affordable 4S Lipo battery with decent performance, making this a very good deal for practice/training purposes. These are available internationally so if you can’t find any other good batteries locally this would be my pick. Check out the Review.

CNHL 4S 100C

The best budget battery in the market right now, however it’s slightly heavier and bigger than batteries in its class.

1300mah – $20 – 178g (Buy: RDQ | Amazon)

RaceDayQuads 4S

One of the best performing battery for the price.

1500mAh – $24 – 187g (Buy: RaceDayQuads)

DemonRC Fusion 4S 66C

Very good batteries I’ve tested personally. They have better tolerance to low temperature and performed noticeably better than other batteries I have in cold weather. Check out my review. I’d recommend them if you are in the EU.

  • 1500mah – $32 – 190g (Buy: DemonRC)

The Best 6S LiPo Batteries

I recently tested some 6S LiPo batteries to find out which is best by comparing their performance including discharge rate (voltage sag), and actual capacity.

Still wondering what benefits 6S have over 4S ?

Here are the batteries I tested in the round-up:

You can jump to conclusion.

Testing Method

I fly the battery from fully charged until it’s empty (3.5V/cell) to find out the true capacity. I also do a few 3-second punch outs at the beginning of the flight, and voltage sags are recorded to help me get an idea of the discharging performance.

DemonRC 6S 1100mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $34.5
  • Weight: 201g


  • Voltage Sag: 19.7V at 69A
  • Tested capacity: 1105mAh

I’d consider this to be excellent performance, best result for an 6S 1100mAh battery. I can also confirm the claimed capacity to be true.

ACEHE ACE-X 6S 1100mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $38.7
  • Weight: 199g


  • Voltage Sag: 19.7V at 69A
  • Tested capacity: 1106mAh

Surprisingly close result to the DemonRC 6S 1100mah, but slightly more expensive. It’s a couple of grams lighter probably because of the shorter balance lead.

A balance lead extension is provided for charging.

ACEHE ACE-X 6S 1250mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $41.2
  • Weight: 222g


  • Voltage Sag: 20.0V at 69A
  • Tested capacity: 1270mAh

Basically a slightly bigger version of the 1100mAh above. It shows the best result so far in terms of maximum discharge rate due to the higher capacity.

ACEHE Racing 6S 850mAh

Product Page: Discontinued

  • Price: $27-28
  • Weight: 173g


  • Voltage Sag: 16.8V at 63A
  • Tested capacity: 740mAh

I got this battery early this year but never got around to test it until now. I think they are now discontinued unfortunately and succeeded by the Ace-X series. Anyway I thought I should test them just for reference.

Result is not particularly impressive. Although I didn’t use them and they were just sitting on storage charge for nearly a year, understandably performance wouldn’t be as good as brand new, so I’d give them the benefit of the doubt.

ACEHE Racing 6S 1080mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $30
  • Weight: 191g


  • Voltage Sag: 18.5V at 68A
  • Tested capacity: 990mAh

Same reason as the 850mAh above, performance is not great probably due to the age. Again this is now discontinued and succeeded by the Ace-X series.

Tattu R-Line 6S 1300mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $47
  • Weight: 240g


  • Voltage Sag: 17.5V at 65.5A
  • Tested capacity: 1320mAh

I tested this one back in 2018, it performed really well and had the lowest internal resistance. However, this pack is 2 years old now and doesn’t perform as well as other brand new batteries here. I am re-testing this battery just to show you how a 2-year-old “good” battery compare to a brand new “good” battery.

But honestly the R-Line are too expensive! Compared to the “normal” Tattu 6S 1300mah 75C version below, it might indeed have a bit more power and less sag (when it’s new), but you are only going to notice when you do lots of punch outs. Unless you are a racer, I’d probably get the other ones.

Tattu 6S 1300mah 75C

Product Page:

  • Price: $30
  • Weight: 198g


  • Voltage Sag: 19.0V at 69A
  • Tested capacity: 1311mAh

Price is reasonable, however performance is behind other batteries tested, even when this is of higher capacity. It doesn’t have the best discharge rate, but it has a very high capacity to weight ratio. So if you are into longer flight time with cruising style flying, this is worth considering.

Conclusion – The Best 6S LiPo

So the winning 6S LiPo are the DemonRC and Acehe Ace-X! These are the best 6S LiPo for a 5″ racing drone that I would recommend in 2019!

As you can see from the results, higher capacity packs not only give you longer flight time, they also do have higher discharge rate, in the form of less voltage sag. However they are heavier and makes your quadcopter more sluggish.

I think 1100mAh is a good size, I was getting around 6 to 7 minutes of flight time doing freestyle on my newly built 6S mini quad, and that’s already more than my attention span can handle. :D

Interestingly the DemonRC and Ace-X 6S 1100mah are extremely similar in terms of performance and specs, even the battery shape is identical, I have a feeling that they might be using the same cells. Or even made in the same factory in China.

Learn more about LiPo:

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21 thoughts on “The Best 4S and 6S LiPo Batteries for FPV Drone

  1. BOb

    Have you actually tested any of these batteries on a charger/discharger for comparison charts. A comparison chart comparing real performance differences would be great, like mooch does with round cells.

  2. Jakub

    What would you recommend ? I wanna buy cosistang lipos that will be good for price and last for year or two. There is sale on CHNL and Ministar 1500mAh cost about 16USD I am considering DRC fusion too but they are pricey :(.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Freestyle has a lot more tolerance than racing… any batteries that is good for racing would be more than enough for freestyle as we don’t normally push it as hard.

  3. Tim

    I started flying on Ovionic packs (1300s) and the ones I bought in July still deliver with >40 cycles on them. Pretty comparable to CNHL but Ovonic packs are smaller, have better quality and price.

  4. exugen

    Infinity are great bats. I have a pair that has been lasting me longer than any other battery i have. Unfortunately, you can’t get them from banggood in U.S. I had 2 orders get lost. On amazon they are too expensive.

    Turnigy Graphenes do not last long at all. They are strong at first and degrade pretty quickly.

    Also another +1 for CNHL. So far they have been pretty superb.

  5. Dogshit

    You also forgot Venom! Their batteries are TOP quality, made in USA and they replace them for free when they start to go bad.

  6. Indy

    Hi Oscar! Interesting,

    Sadly most those lipos are kind of expensive…
    On the cheaper side, I really like the Infinity lipos I’ve like 8 of them and they perform alright after a year or so, but all my four Turnigy Graphene lipos are dead after less time… they get discharged as soon as I take off….
    Now, can you tell me if you can keep more expensive batteries longer? Two or 3 years? That would be interesting…

  7. Ray

    Thanks for this! I wonder why more reviewers don’t create a top 5 list of batteries. It’s one of those things that gets a lot of our money, but doesn’t always get the focus it deserves.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Because battery is one of the most difficult product to review. So many new batteries these days make an excellent first batch, or send some really good samples to reviewer, so they get really good review for them… then they cut cost and make rubbish 2nd batch, 3rd batch and so on… when people realize they are crap and stop buying, they simply drop the brand and create a new one… and repeat the same thing over again!
      So only buy brand name battery I say :)

  8. guti

    And do not mention the gaoneng 120/240 c ??
    It is true that they are not 120c, but close to 90c.
    I have rline and 4 of these and their behavior is similar.
    I really prefer gaoneng rather than infinity, it has more punch

    1. Wayne

      Are you talking about the gaoneng that is able to take off the balance lead? I have some infinity batteries that went boom in my house, looking to try the gaoneng ones

  9. manu2015

    You don’t believe the C rating, so why would you believe the mAh ?

    The mAh can serve a few different purposes. By overestimating, it can make you believe you will fly longer. By underestimating, it can hide the weight and make your “perceived C-rating” higher.

    Some things are different in the design between high and low C, like bigger leads and connectivity of the elements. But once everything is done, they just make them bigger, labelling with the same mAh rating.

    1. Oscar Post author

      because you can measure and test C rating and capacity respectively, and most high C rating lipo on the market doesn’t deliver what’s printed on their package. Capacity is normally correct in my experience.

  10. Cedric CRISPIN

    Unfortunately here in Thailand, the only hatteries i can afford if i am lucky are The Infinity Graphene 90C.

    Stupid regulations are impacting us over there. For buying LIPOs we must have a licence that only government can deliver or you must travel overseas in order to buy your LIPOs but it’s not eveb guarentee that they will not seed them on the way back when going through the thai customs airport…

    Stupid greedy a** people over there. I hate when politicians get involved in our life, they just ruin everything and please their rich CEO friends…

    1. Oscar Post author

      that’s bad! I hope you can find someone with license and get them to buy for you? could start a business with that model lol :)

    1. Oscar Post author

      they were released after the survey so they didn’t make it to the list, hopefully the next one.


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