The Best 6S LiPo Battery for Mini Quad 2019

I recently tested some more 6S LiPo batteries in 2019 for racing drones and mini quads, comparing their performance including discharge rate (voltage sag), and actual capacity.

Still wondering what benefits 6S have over 4S ?

6S LiPo Battery Options

Here are the batteries we are testing today

You can jump to conclusion.

Testing Method

I fly the battery from fully charged until it’s empty (3.5V/cell) to find out the true capacity. I also do a few 3-second punch outs at the beginning of the flight, and voltage sags are recorded to help me get an idea of the discharging performance.

DemonRC 6S 1100mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $34.5
  • Weight: 201g


  • Voltage Sag: 19.7V at 69A
  • Tested capacity: 1105mAh

I’d consider this to be excellent performance, best result for an 6S 1100mAh battery. I can also confirm the claimed capacity to be true.

ACEHE ACE-X 6S 1100mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $38.7
  • Weight: 199g


  • Voltage Sag: 19.7V at 69A
  • Tested capacity: 1106mAh

Surprisingly close result to the DemonRC 6S 1100mah, but slightly more expensive. It’s a couple of grams lighter probably because of the shorter balance lead.

A balance lead extension is provided for charging.

ACEHE ACE-X 6S 1250mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $41.2
  • Weight: 222g


  • Voltage Sag: 20.0V at 69A
  • Tested capacity: 1270mAh

Basically a slightly bigger version of the 1100mAh above. It shows the best result so far in terms of maximum discharge rate due to the higher capacity.

ACEHE Racing 6S 850mAh

Product Page: Discontinued

  • Price: $27-28
  • Weight: 173g


  • Voltage Sag: 16.8V at 63A
  • Tested capacity: 740mAh

I got this battery early this year but never got around to test it until now. I think they are now discontinued unfortunately and succeeded by the Ace-X series. Anyway I thought I should test them just for reference.

Result is not particularly impressive. Although I didn’t use them and they were just sitting on storage charge for nearly a year, understandably performance wouldn’t be as good as brand new, so I’d give them the benefit of the doubt.

ACEHE Racing 6S 1080mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $30
  • Weight: 191g


  • Voltage Sag: 18.5V at 68A
  • Tested capacity: 990mAh

Same reason as the 850mAh above, performance is not great probably due to the age. Again this is now discontinued and succeeded by the Ace-X series.

Tattu R-Line 6S 1300mAh

Product Page:

  • Price: $47
  • Weight: 240g


  • Voltage Sag: 17.5V at 65.5A
  • Tested capacity: 1320mAh

I tested this one back in 2018, it performed really well and had the lowest internal resistance. However, this pack is 2 years old now and doesn’t perform as well as other brand new batteries here. I am re-testing this battery just to show you how a 2-year-old “good” battery compare to a brand new “good” battery.

But honestly the R-Line are too expensive! Compared to the “normal” Tattu 6S 1300mah 75C version below, it might indeed have a bit more power and less sag (when it’s new), but you are only going to notice when you do lots of punch outs. Unless you are a racer, I’d probably get the other ones.

Tattu 6S 1300mah 75C

Product Page:

  • Price: $30
  • Weight: 198g


  • Voltage Sag: 19.0V at 69A
  • Tested capacity: 1311mAh

Price is reasonable, however performance is behind other batteries tested, even when this is of higher capacity. It doesn’t have the best discharge rate, but it has a very high capacity to weight ratio. So if you are into longer flight time with cruising style flying, this is worth considering.


So the winning 6S LiPo are the DemonRC and Acehe Ace-X! These are the best 6S LiPo for a 5″ racing drone that I would recommend in 2019!

As you can see from the results, higher capacity packs not only give you longer flight time, they also do have higher discharge rate, in the form of less voltage sag. However they are heavier and makes your quadcopter more sluggish.

I think 1100mAh is a good size, I was getting around 6 to 7 minutes of flight time doing freestyle on my newly built 6S mini quad, and that’s already more than my attention span can handle. :D

Interestingly the DemonRC and Ace-X 6S 1100mah are extremely similar in terms of performance and specs, even the battery shape is identical, I have a feeling that they might be using the same cells. Or even made in the same factory in China.

Learn more about LiPo:

4 thoughts on “The Best 6S LiPo Battery for Mini Quad 2019

  1. Mark

    Oscar I was wondering if you’ve ever tested the 6s 1050mAh 95c. I am seriously considering those because they only weigh about 172 grams. I’m doing a 6s build and I’m carefully considering which batteries I want to buy.

  2. Sleebus

    Thanks for the effort, but this feels more subjective than objective. Load bank testing, IR measurements (with a quality ESR meter), eliminate the variable nature of flight, etc. that’s solid data that’s hard to dispute. Would be nice to see some RDQ batteries in the mix as they usually perform well about their pricepoint.

    1. Oscar Post author

      I don’t see how that’s subjective. Data is data, I can repeat the test and get the same result.
      Voltage of a battery drops under a constant load (69A in my case), the one that sags less is better, tell me it’s not? :D
      If a battery is too weak, voltage sags so much it wouldn’t even be able to sustain this load. Very straight forward isn’t it?
      You can use my method to test your batteries and I bet you can tell which ones are better. I don’t see the need for a more complex test to decide what battery I’d buy personally.


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