The Best 6S LiPo Battery for Mini Quad Testing

In this review, I tested some popular 6S LiPo batteries for racing drones and mini quads, comparing their performance including capacity, discharge rate, and internal resistance.

Update (16/09/2019): We tested some newer 6S batteries in 2019! Click link to see more.

6S LiPo Battery Options

Here the 6S batteries I’ve experience with, and where to get them.

6S LiPo Shops Weight Price
Tattu R-Line 95C 1300mAh Amazon | GetFPV | Gensace 240g $48
Gens Ace 45C 1050mAh Gensace 169g $32
Amax 75C 1150mAh AmaxShop 213g $28
Pluse 75C 1050mAh Amazon 168g $28

Tattu R-Line 6S 95C 1300mah

Both of these batteries are made by the same company, with similar style of packaging. However these packs have very different performance.

A huge “thank you” to Tattu for sending me these batteries for my testing!

Gens Ace and Tattu 6S LiPo Battery

Gens Ace and Tattu 6S LiPo Battery

Tattu R-Line is the premium battery brand for racing drones, their 4S version is probably one of the highest quality batteries I know, so you can expect good performance from their 6S version.

  • Discharge wires: 12AWG, 8cm
  • Balance lead: 4cm
Tattu R-Line 6S LiPo Battery

Tattu R-Line 6S LiPo Battery

Gens Ace 6S 45C 1050mAh

The Gens Ace 6S 1050mAh pack is actually designed primarily for RC Helicopters. It’s equipped with an EC3 connector, not an XT60, so in order to test this battery I had to manually replace the discharging connector first.

There is so much I like about this battery: weight, dimension, price, and capacity… There are just not enough 6S LiPo batteries on the market in the 1000mAh capacity range. Although the C rating is a bit low, we shall find out how it performs in our test.

  • Discharge wires: 16AWG, 11cm (wires might be a little too small)
  • Balance lead: 5cm

Another interesting observation: the price, weight, capacity and dimension of the Pulse 6S 75C 1050mAh all sound familiar. Can they be the same battery under the stickers? Too bad I am unable to get a Pulse battery because they are only sold in America, and everywhere I looked is unable to ship to Europe for a reasonable price.

Amax 6S 75C 1150mAh

The Amax 6S 1150mAh LiPo battery is another affordable option for those who want to give 6S setup a try :) They come with very nice packaging, which is totally unnecessary TBH…

  • Discharge wires: 14AWG, 11cm
  • Balance lead: 4cm

The Best 6S LiPo Battery – Test & Result

Internal Resistance

The IR values are measured by my iSDT charger after they are fully charged. All numbers are in mΩ, the higher, the worse.

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Tattu R-Line 95C 1300mAh 5.1 4.7 4.6 4.4 4.5 4.2
Gens Ace 45C 1050mAh 13.3 12.9 12.7 12.8 12.6 12.4
Amax 75C 1150mAh 15.9 18.3 15.0 17.3 13.8 12.7

Actual Capacity

Capacity is measured by discharging the battery from 4.2V to 3.5V per cell during flight.

Actual Capacity
Tattu R-Line 95C 1300mAh 1400mAh
Gens Ace 45C 1050mAh 1050mAh
Amax 75C 1150mAh 1350mAh

Battery Performance

To test the performance of the batteries, I flew around this race course multiple times. The routine includes a 5-second WOT punch out (100% throttle), and low throttle cruising with the rest of the lap.

Current and voltage are measured where the red dots are, the data will help determine the performance of the battery: how much power the battery can provide, how bad the voltage sag is, and how fast can they recover from a “punchout”, etc.

Further Reading: How to choose LiPo Battery?

Voltage Comparison

The Tattu R-Line is a clear winner here! I am amazed to see it even had less voltage drop than others when cursing. The advantage becomes more obvious when we started going full throttle: both the Gens Ace 1050mAh and Amax 1150mAh dropped to about 20.4V at their first punch outs, while the Tattu remained at a stunning 21.8V!

Between the Amax and Gensace, I can’t really decide which is better, voltage sag seems to be about the same.

The reason for the Tattu’s superior performance can be related to its larger capacity, but note that the actual capacity of the Amax is 1350mAh which is in fact quite close to the Tattu’s, so it must be the higher C rating. That also explains why it has so much lower internal resistance than the other batteries.

The funny thing is the Amax is advertized at 75C while the Gens Ace is rated at 45C…. Go figure!

Power Comparison

Power is the product of current and voltage. Since we know from the last graph that the Tattu has the lowest voltage sag, it’s not a surprise to find out it can provide the most power too.

We couldn’t decide between Gens Ace and Amax, but now we can…

The Gens Ace seems to be able to squeeze a bit more current out of the battery than the Amax though they both have the same voltage drop. And this is very consistent in all the laps we tested.


So… which battery to get? I feel like there is still something I personally don’t like in each battery.

For maximum performance, hands down, Tattu R-Line 6S 95C 1300mAh! But it’s pricey and heavy! I can feel the extra weight from the battery in my flying, even though it has better “punch”. I wish Tattu can make a lighter pack such as 1000mAh.

The Gens Ace 6S 45C 1050mAh would have been my ideal battery, if it came with XT60 connector with 14Awg electrical wires, and up the C rating to 75C or more would be nice too…

I was expecting the Amax 6S 75C 1150mAh to have better performance because of all that beautiful packaging. Anyway, don’t forget it’s only $28, it probably won’t have enough power to run aggressive motors and propellers, but it should be good enough for an efficient setup.

LiPo manufacturers, please listen and make some more 6S 800mAh-1000mAh 75C-95C batteries :)

6 thoughts on “The Best 6S LiPo Battery for Mini Quad Testing

  1. Robert Tegland

    Oh . Or you can take two 3s batteries, and run them in series. I did that with some 3s tattu 1300 mah 75c’s, worked awesome at much cheaper price than R line. I also tried with tattu 3s 45c 1300mah’s, just as much fun and performance. Despite the lower C rating.

  2. Cedric,


    I went through the same analysis, there are no 1000mah 6S for quad available in Europe. I contacted Gens Ace for 6S Tattu 75C 1050mah, they answered to get the gen ace 45C…is it the same batterie?
    according to Catalyst Machine Works, “Pulse brand lipos, Gensace lipos, and Tattu lipos are all the same product”. does it mean Tattu only rebranded the genace 45C into 75C????

    1. Rui Antunes

      No, Tattu, Pulse and GensAce are made in the same factory but they aren’t all the same… People make huge confusion.


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