Best LiPo Battery Chargers for Mini Quad

In this article we will reveal the best LiPo battery chargers recommended by many mini quad pilots and racers. These Lipo chargers excel at reliability, ease to use, power and features.

Portability is another factor that is unique and important to mini quad hobbyists. It’s possible to go through a dozen of packs in a session, having a charger available in the field can be handy.

It’s important that you do your research first on LiPo battery, chargers and power supply before making your purchase. Here are some good reads to get your started:

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The ISDT Q6 is one of the most compact chargers for LiPo. It’s extremely portable and powerful enough to parallel charge multiple packs at once, thus great for field charging. It’s not uncommon to see FPV racers with multiple Q6 charging tons of batteries at the same time :)

The downsides are it’s only a single port charger and can’t be powered by AC but DC only.

I bought a cheap and light weight laptop PSU on eBay (100W) that I can use on the bench as well as to take with me when travelling. However your maximum charging power will be limited by the power of your PSU, so beware! There are lots of options available thanks to the wide input voltage. You can modify the PSU output to a XT60 connector like this.

See my Review for more detail. Product pages: Banggood | GetFPV | Amazon | RDQ

iSDT T6 and T8

These are monstrous chargers in terms of power, I seriously doubt if anyone in the hobby would need these. Unless you are a pro racer who fly at least 8 to 12 hours a day.

Product Page for the T6:

The T6 is rated at 780W with a max charging current of 35A, that’s over twice as powerful as the Q6 Pro. The problem is you’d need a very beefy power supply to use it to its potential, for that it doesn’t feel like a very good portable charger to me. And itself weighs considerably heavier too.

Check out the T8: 

The T8 is designed to charge higher cell count batteries, up to 8S LiPo. It’s a 1000W rated charger with max charging current of 30A. Again, no built-in PSU so you would need a bulky power supply for it.

iSDT D2 200W 2-Channel

The ISDT D2 is one of the most popular indoor charger for FPV at the time of writing. It has dual channels of 200w each, USB output to charge your cameras and phones, and a beautiful color LCD screen. The two buttons and scroll wheel makes it really easy to use. The only drawback I find is the lack of DC input, and it’s considerably heavier than the Q6 so probably not ideal for field charging.

A two-channel charger allows you to charge two different batteries at the same time, or handle two parallel boards at once. It’s like having 2 separate chargers.

You can get the iSDT D2 from Banggood.

Why I recommend iSDT?

The iSDT chargers are no doubt by far the most popular/recommended LiPo chargers in the FPV hobby. The two models we recommend here should cover most people’s need. The modern colour display interface is very easy to use and it’s been reliable for me personally. It’s very impressive in terms of performance and value.

Q6 Pro T6 T8 D2
Price $60 $90 $100 $140
Max Power 300W 780W 1000W 200Wx2
Max Charging Current 14A 30A 35A 20Ax2
Input Voltage 7V – 32V 8V – 32V 12V – 42V n/a
Built-in PSU No No No Yes
Weight 119g 305g 305g 510g

Update (Aug 2017) – The SC608 and SC620 have been discontinued.

SkyRC iMAX B6 Mini

A simple budget charger. The B6 Mini is the upgrade of the good old B6 which was one of the most popular beginner chargers back in the days. There are fake B6 and B6 mini chargers going around in the market, make sure to use our links to avoid these low quality clones.

Price $40
Max Power 60W
Max Charging Current 6A
Built-in PSU No, DC 11V-18V
Weight 233g

SkyRC Q200

The main feature of the SkyRC Q200 charger is the quad-channel (output) capability which is basically equivalent to having 4 independent changers. That means you can charge 4 different or same batteries simultaneously! This is great for those who run through many packs at once, or aren’t sure about parallel charging yet still allows you to charge multiple packs. Or if you have batteries of different cell counts, you can charge them at the same time too.

It has a built-in PSU as well as allowing DC input which means it can be used as a field charging station. Though this charger is a bit on the heavy side, weighs in at 1.3Kg.

You can even hook this charger up to your computer or your smart phone to control the charger and monitor the progress of your charging.

Price $238
Max Power 2x100W, 2x50W (4 channels)
Max Charging Current 10A, 10A, 5A, 5A (each channel)
Built-in PSU Yes, DC 11V-18V
Weight 1325g

Turnigy Reaktor 300W

The Reaktor 300W has built-in AC power supply, as well as supporting DC input. It’s a bit on the bulky side, but it’s definitely one of the most reliable LiPo chargers out there.

We recently reviewed the Charsoon Antimatter 300W, which we believe is just the rebrand of the Reaktor.

Price $128
Max Power 300W
Max Charging Current 20A
Built-in PSU Yes, DC 10V-28V
Weight 1000g

SkyRC E4Q 4-Channel LiPo Charger

Order from Banggood. See my review here.

Not a fan of Parallel Charging? Then you should check out the SkyRC E4Q! It’s a low cost 4-channel charger that can charge four batteries independently at the same time. Because of this, It’s also great for charging your goggle’s batteries.

It has a XT60 input port, and thanks to it’s compact form factor and light weight it’s great for field charging too.

Price $55
Max Power 4 x 50W
Max Charging Current 5A
Built-in PSU No, 11V-26V
Weight 280g

Hope you find these suggestions useful. We will continue to look for good LiPo chargers and keep this list up to date. Please leave us a comment if you have any questions.

Edit History

  • July 2017 – article created
  • July 2018 – Removed SC608, SC620 (discontinued), added SkyRC E4Q and iSDT D2
  • Jan 2019 – Added iSDT T6 and T8

28 thoughts on “Best LiPo Battery Chargers for Mini Quad

  1. Yaron

    Hi Oscar. I know you can’t cover every charger out there but I ran into HTRC T240 charger and if I understood correctly it can change everything with dual channel. Would you consider it in comparison with the chargers in the review?

  2. Bailey6

    Hi Oscar,
    Purchased the iSDT 608AC based on your recommendation. I’m having problems understanding exactly how to set up the menus for my Rotor Riot HyPo 1300mAh 4s 95c Lipo Battery with HyPo Checker. When I plug it in, along with the balance port plug, I’m not certain that it is charging correctly. Once I hit Start, I get a screen with the message ‘Perform unbalancing task? LiPo-4S. What is the correct setting?

    New at all this with racing and whoop drones.
    Thanks for your help.

  3. Tom Tinsay

    I am not very lucky with the Reaktor Charger. A Total waste of money. It conked out on its first use (it just “died” and I triple–checked the connections and verified all to be 100% correct), the bad thing is I couldnt ship it back to Hobby King because of some stupid bureaucratic restriction in my country. And I read about many others who encountered the same problem as me. I suspect HK just recycles returned defective units (and there are many of them out there), testament that Turnigy chargers are just absolute JUNK. I just threw away the Turnigy and replaced it with a Venom Pro Quad which is a way better charger.

  4. MrjackG

    My mate got a isdt D2 charger and found that the max amps across the two channels is only 12amps.. not 12amps per channel.

  5. Dave Smedley

    I have a question…
    I have a Turnigy Accucell 50 watt charger and I put 14.5 volts in via a 4.5 amp plug in power supply and i can charge up to a 6S the input rating for it is 11 to 17 volts. My new all the rage ToolkitRC M8 input is like 7-30 volts however there is no upconvert from what I can tell. even 14.5 volts in, there is no charging of a 3s due to an input too low message. I supplied it with a 24 volt 6 amp switching power supply and the Toolkit drew more than 7 amps to test internal resistance of a 6s battery. Nothing is mentioned about upconverting on any of the dc input chargers, what am I missing? Did I fall behind the 8 ball? I have a 300 watt supply on order so now the ToolkitRC isn’t a “pocket” charger if you can’t connect it to a car battery to charge your batteries :-(

    1. Dave

      Retraction. Please remove my prior comment if possible. Due to a grossly inaccurate input voltage limit flaw the charger seemed to lack upconvert capability. I had to change it as low as 11 volts before it accepted a 12 volt input. It amazingly did charge a 6s battery so I am very happy!

    2. Oscar Post author

      Sorry I am not being much help here as I don’t have the Toolkit charger, nor know anything about it.
      Maybe get in touch with the reseller?

  6. Poul Rasmussen

    All the mentioned chargers need to have + and – connected. Damaged accus can be recovered with charging direct on balancerstick. Du you know any that don’t demand + and – connected?

  7. liu jinlong

    Have you ever tried the HOTA D6 Pro, that’s a new product, and I think it is the perfect one for mini quads! It get two channel, with AC 200W in total or DC 325W/15A each channel.

  8. Kellie Stapleton

    It’s now 6/18, would you still recommend the ISDT SC 608? If yes, also get the isdt Linker for firmware? I understand they are no longer updating, but can you and do I need to get the latest version?

    1. Oscar Post author

      Yes still a solid charger :) But the Q6 is a better value charger for the similar price.
      And yea get the linker too, always good to keep it updated for bugs and improvements.

  9. Paul

    Believe me in this market segment, chargers + power supplies are some of the LEAST reliable products you can buy. Buy from a trusted vendor so you know that you are covered.

    Icharger are known for their cell balancing accuracy.

    Hitec is mostly rebadged skyrc.

    ALWAYS power up your charger BEFORE connecting the battery to it.

    ALWAYS switch off PSU when done charging (and disconnect battery first)

    And so on and so on…

    Paul @ ewm

  10. MrCookie

    I noticed you mentioned several battery chargers, but one thing joshua bardwell touches on, is cell balancing capability. Why isn’t that mentioned on any of these chargers?

  11. Agustín

    Just a simple question. If I buy PSU 300W 12V may I charge a LIPO 4s to 6s with the iSDT Q6 Plus 300W?
    I am no really sure since this PSU can not provide the voltage required for more than 3s Lipo…

  12. Chai

    I stilling like” Cellpro 10s” charger because it provide fast balancing.
    It’s balance by charge ,it’s not balance by discharge .

  13. Prop

    Get a Junsi iCharger, for example, the 4010 Duo and forget the rest, most Lipo chargers are garbage compared to Junsi. The balancer in the Junsi is probably the best, at the moment, on the market. The items shown in the article in my opinion are only useful for charging children’s toys, but not really for expensive Lipo batteries. A Junsi costs more, but makes itself paid, in view of the life of the batteries.

      1. Prop

        I see, you compare cheap stuff with High-end? I think you never use a good charger and know the difference, it¨s like driving a bicycle or a Maybach. And serious, Turnigy? C’mon…

    1. Oscar Post author

      It didn’t have many votes… I guess the reason is because it’s “too powerful” for most of us mini quad pilots. :)


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