The Best Selling FPV Products in 2019 (GetFPV / RDQ)

by Oscar

Are you wondering what everyone bought in 2019? Here are the best selling FPV products at GetFPV and RaceDayQuads, ranked by the number of sales referred by my website.

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1. Fatshark HDO2 FPV Goggles

Product Page:

Although the HDO2 was only released less than two months ago, it was the most viewed FPV goggles on my website. The other FPV goggles that were meant to be the “Fatshark killer” didn’t even made it to the top 10 on this list unfortunately. Maybe it was the loyal customers, or maybe the HDO2 is just so awesome?

2. Holybro Kakute F7 AIO FC

Product Page:

The Kakute F7 is my recommended FC in 2019, alongside with the latest CLRacing F7, made it to the 2nd spot of the best selling products :) See my review for more.

3. Panasonic 35V 1000uF Capacitor

Product Page:

Who doesn’t add an extra capacitor to their FPV drones these days? The Panasonic FM series is among the best caps you can get for your quadcopters. See this article about why to use additional caps.

4. TBS Unify Pro32 VTX

Product Page:

I recommended the TBS Unify Pro32 in my “Top 5 FPV VTX” buyer’s guide in 2019.

5. Frsky R-XSR Receiver

Product Page:

I am really surprised by this one, I thought people are moving away from Frsky’s eco system. I guess there are still quite a few people who prefer to use Frsky’s protocols. But don’t forget the most popular radios these days can all still run with the R-XSR: Taranis X9D+, QX7 and Jumper T16. I guess people will keep buying this for a while.

6. TBS Triumph RHCP Antenna

Product Page:

Another recommendation from my FPV antenna buyer’s guide.

7. Holybro Kakute F7 HDV Stack

Product Page:

This stack is designed for the DJI Digital FPV system, meant to be plug and play. See my review to learn more.

8. Diatone Mamba F722S Stack

9. ImmersionRC PowerPlay

10. Invader RHCP Antenna


1. HQ 5.1×4.1×3 Prop

Product Page:

Still my favourite 5″ prop for freestyle today :)

2. Skyzone SKY03O FPV Goggles

The best value, high end FPV goggles in 2019 IMO.

3. RDQ 4S 1300mAh 100C LiPo

4. Fatshark HDO FPV Goggles

The sales of the HDO V1 were probably built up at the beginning of the year. V2 was released recently, at the same price but with higher specs. So check out the HDO2 instead :) HDO2 Product Page:

5. Beta75 Pro 2 Micro Drone

6. CLRacing F7 FC

7. TS80 Soldering Iron

8. Holybro Kopis 2 BNF Racing Drone

9. CNHL 4S 1300mah 100C LiPo

10. Ummagrip Sticky battery pad

Are there any surprises? Products that made it to the list or the ones that didn’t ? Let me know in the comment.

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Jeff Lang 3rd January 2020 - 12:46 am

I find it hard to believe that the dji fpv system didn’t make the list.