How to Upload Custom Logo in Betaflight OSD

by Oscar

You can make and upload your custom logo in Betaflight OSD. I will show you how to do it in this tutorial. You can also display your logo whenever you arm your quad.

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Step 1: Image Format Requirements

Betaflight OSD only accepts custom logo with the following properties:

  • File format: .BMP
  • Only contains 3 colors: Black, White and Green – green will be transparent when it’s displayed
  • Size: 288×72 pixels

Step 2: Create the Logo

Download my logo here:

You can use your favourite image editor to create your custom logo.

I just copy my grey scale logo into the program “Paint” in Windows, resized it to fit the canvas I first created with a size of 288x72px. The canvas size is displayed at the very bottom of the window (red circled).

To get the specific green color we need, click on “Edit Colors” tool, enter “255” as the Green value, and “0” for Red and Blue.

To get the White and Black we need, make sure Red/Green/Blue values set to 0/0/0 and 255/255/255 respectively before applying.

Step 3: Upload Custom Logo in Betaflight OSD

Go to the OSD tab in Betaflight, click on “Select custom image” and choose the logo you just created. It will tell you if your logo passes all the requirements.

Finally, click “Upload Font” to upload your custom logo. Restart your FC when it’s done, and check in your FPV goggles :)

Now stare at your custom logo in awe! :D

Step 4: Display Logo on Arming

In Betaflight 4.2, they introduced a new feature to allow your custom logo to appear whenever you arm your drone.

Simply enter in CLI:

set osd_logo_on_arming = on


Options are ON, OFF, and FIRST_ARMING.

Step 5: Upload Custom Logo to Rapidfire Receiver

You can also upload custom logo to your Rapidfire :)

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Johnny Van Berkel 17th April 2022 - 9:29 pm

Why can,t i select font manager on bf4,2? It,s lighter coloured then the save button, and i can,t select it.