Review: BetaFPV GoPro Lite Camera

The GoPro Lite from BetaFPV is basically the GoPro Hero 6 disassembled and put in their light weight carbon fibre/TPU case. Their first batch was only a couple of dozens and it was sold out within hours, I was quick enough to snatch one.

Disassembling the GoPro Hero 6 is not very difficult, but if you are not confident in doing so you might be interested in getting BetaFPV’s GoPro Lite. This post explains why we want “naked” GoPro.

Update Aug 2020: They released a V2 of this case: GoPro Lite Case V2 – Lighter and Better

Where to Buy?


Overview of the BetaFPV GoPro Lite

The BetaFPV GoPro Lite costs $200, which is about the same as a 2nd hand GoPro Hero 6 on eBay. But if you take into account the work and time that go into the disassembling, it makes sense. Not to mention it also comes with the protective case, and the BEC board, it actually makes it a pretty good deal.

However it took almost 3 weeks until I received mine (many other people who bought this camera also reported the same slow shipping issue), I was a bit impatient and so I went ahead and bought another GoPro on eBay and took it apart as I wanted to finish building the the Umma85.

Here is the detail of the GoPro tear down.

When the GoPro Lite finally arrived here, I already finished the build. And now I have two naked GoPro’s so I will be building another Umma95 this week :)

Here is what comes with the GoPro Lite from BetaFPV:

It’s basically a stripped down GoPro Hero 6, and they put it in a protective case. You get all the bits and pieces too that are left from the GoPro strip-down, including the buttons, USB-C connector, touch screen, all the screws etc… Except the original GoPro battery which is NOT included, i guess it makes shipping easier without it.

And you can mount it directly on a whoop like this (just slide it into the TPU mount). This drone is the Beta85X GoPro Lite Edition:

Closer Look at the GoPro Lite

The GoPro Lite is pretty light weight, at only 29g. Although the protective case adds a fair bit of weight (fully naked GoPro is only 17g), the additional protection might be something you value more.

The protective case has a carbon fibre front plate, and the rest is just 3D printed TPU.

It seems to be a well thought out design, with all the important connections made available through the cut-outs.

You can purchase this case separately, and it comes with the BEC board too:

Let’s take it apart and see what’s inside.

It’s using the BetaFPV BEC board, you can connect 2S – 4S LiPo to it to power the GoPro. It even has buttons for power and record, making it super convenient to use.

You can learn more about this BEC board here.

I connected the GoPro to the other parts in the box: touch screen, buttons and USB-C connector, to make sure it works.

And it does work flawlessly! However the settings are not set optimally in my opinion, if you are also getting this camera, you should make the following changes:

  • WiFi Connection: 2.4GHz (5.8GHz might interfere with your video signal)
  • GPS: OFF
  • Auto Rotation: UP
  • Video Stabilization: OFF
  • Audio: Wind
  • Protune: ON

And you also need to change video settings, see my recommendations here.

Another thing that they should have done is writing down the WiFi password on a piece of paper, so you don’t have to check it with the Touch Screen :)

The GoPro is already flashed with firmware version 1.6, which is the best version when it comes to FPV as it works best with ReelSteady GO.

I think BetaFPV basically just disassembles these cameras in house from 2nd hand ones. There are a few scratches on the GoPro housing, and the power button is kind of worn out, seems like a second hand camera to me.

Overall, this has been a very good purchase personally, it’s going to cost me more to get one from eBay, and takes more time to de-case it as well. I don’t know if they will continue to sell the GoPro Lite, I will have to confirm with them.

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