Bicopter – Avatar Scorpion Gunship by Minsoo Kim

Minsoo Kim uses the KKmulticontroller board on this bicopter aircraft. There is no sophisticated PID, no Kalman filter, no DCM and it still flies very well.

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Parts used:

  • Motor(FlyCam 925) x 2
  • ESC(20A) x 2
  • Prop(10×4.7 or 10×4.5, CCW x 1, CW x 1)
  • Main Servo x 2
  • Tail Servo x 1(Optional)
  • Li-Po Battery(3000mAh 3Cell) x 1


1 thought on “Bicopter – Avatar Scorpion Gunship by Minsoo Kim

  1. Rishabh Kalra

    I are from VedaAstra R&D team. This project seems very interesting and I want to make it with some modifications. I need a favour from your side. Can you tell me from where you got all the parts of this helicopter. Please reply as soon as possible.
    You can mail me : [email protected]


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