BLHeli_32 Warning “Not In Sync With Master”

by Oscar

If you get a popup warning in BLHeliSuite_32 configurator, saying “ESC Not in Sync with Master”, what does that mean?

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It basically means some settings are different across the ESC’s, hence “settings are not in synced“.

Master” is basically the first ESC (#1), and the rest of the ESC’s are usually referred to as “slaves”. When the slave ESC’s have different settings than the master, you will get this warning saying “ESC not in sync with master”.

You should go through all the ESC’s, and make sure settings are the same. However, for the following settings you might not have to worry about.

  • Motor Direction – as long as the motors are spinning correctly, you can ignore this
  • Minimum Throttle and Maximum Throttle – You don’t have to worry about these if you are running DShot ESC protocol. These are only used with Oneshot, Multishot or PWM, when you calibrate your ESC’s, it changes these values for each ESC’s.

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