Review: BrotherHobby Tornado T1 2205 2600KV Motors

In this post we tested a new player in mini quad motor, the Tornado T1 2205 2600KV motor by BrotherHobby.

Thanks to BrotherHobby for sending in these mini quad motors for testing.

What really stands out is the look of the motor. The unique design gives it some cooling advantage too which we should confirm in our testing.


The Tornado T1 motors use 2mm N52H magnets, so it can handle higher temperature than N52 without much problem. EMAX Red Bottoms use N52 and high temperature has always been a concern, that it might weaken the magnets over time. The motor bell is made of 7075 aluminium alloy with very clean cutting.


It weights 29.4g with the wires.


One thing worth noting is the curved magnets (arc magnet), as opposed to the commonly seen rectangular ones (such as the EMAX RS2205). This makes a difference in power.


However it’s still using C-clip, which I don’t like. I prefer the design on the DYS SE2205, where the shaft is held by a screw.


Here are some thrust data. Voltage supply was 16.2V, ESC was DYS XS20A.

Props % Peak Thrust – g Peak Current – A Max Power – W Efficiency – g/W
DYS 4045BN 50 264 6.8 110.2 2.40
100 694 27.2 441.1 1.57
GF 5030 50 370 5.6 90.7 4.08
100 975 25.1 406.6 2.40
GF 5045 50 355 6.6 106.9 3.32
100 1100 32.5 525.7 2.09
GF 5045 BN 50 416 7.8 126.4 3.29
100 1180 35.1 568.6 2.08
DAL 5040×3 50 431 7.5 120.7 3.57
100 1250 37.5 606.7 2.06
GF 5045×3 50 414 8.8 143.0 2.89
100 1120 40.9 661.8 1.69
KingKong 6040 50 555 9.7 156.8 3.54
100 1540 47.0 761.4 2.02

From the result, the T1 Tornado 2600KV seems to handle heavy 5″ props better than 4″ :) It delivered 1200g of thrust at around 35A for DAL 5040 Triblades and Gemfan 5045 Bullnose props. However amp draw is also pretty high, due to the fact that it’s a high KV motor.

Next week I will be putting these motors on a quad and do some test flight with them.

One thought on “Review: BrotherHobby Tornado T1 2205 2600KV Motors

  1. Jas

    Hi Oscar, any update on the motors and will you also be reviewing the tornado t2 motors. Supposed to have a hollow shaft and lighter in weight.


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