Build a Servo Head

by Oscar
This one hasn’t got too much technical stuff involved, all the operations are from previous tutorials. The main things would be the turning head that I made purely from cardboard, and a couple of screws.

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I am such a environmentalist! i think it would be a better idea to use something more professional, as cardboard bring bigger frictions when it’s turning, and that adds extra burden on the servo and thus less durable battery. But I am happy with what I have got here! ; )
One server on X-axis (left right),the other on Yaxis (up down)

I used super clue to stick the round gear on the cardboard.. there is no way the screw that comes with the servo could be fixed on the cardboard… =.=

it works fine! i think i will just stick with it for now until I move on to the plastic or even metal version!

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