Review: Caddx Nebula Pro Camera for DJI FPV System

by Oscar

Caddx released the Nebula Pro camera which is an alternative camera for the DJI FPV system. This is a remake of the previous Nebula Nano/Micro camera which wasn’t very good. Is the Nebula Pro better? Let’s find out.

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The previous Nebula from Caddx was very cheap and 3 grams lighter than the stock DJI camera, but image quality was just disappointing, to say the least. So they made a new version, the Nebula Pro which has much improved image.

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Where to Buy?

You can get the Nebula Pro camera alone (see here how to connect camera to Air Unit), or with the Vista Air Unit as a combo. These are affiliate links.

Nebula Pro with Vista

Nebula Pro Camera (Alone)

Caddx Nebula Pro Camera back ribbon cable vista

Specs and Features

Let’s compare the specs and features of the new camera with the older ones.

Nebula Pro Nebula (Nano) DJI Camera
Price* $56 $37 $60
Weight 6.1g ** 4.5g 8.2g
Size 19x19mm 14x14mm 21x22mm

* Prices are only the camera without the Vista / Air Unit.

** my own measurement

Here’s the official specification of the Nebula Pro:

  • Image sensor: 1/3-inch CMOS sensor
  • Resolution: 720p 60fps
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 & 16:9 (Switchable)
  • FPV / Recording FOV: 150°
  • Lens: 2.1mm f/2.1
  • FPV Latency: <28ms
  • Weight: 6g
  • Dimension: 19*19*20mm
  • Shutter: Rolling Shutter
  • Housing: Aluminum alloy

Caddx Nebula Pro Camera back pcb

Nebula Pro vs. Nebula Nano

The new Nebula Pro can do both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, supports low latency mode as well as high quality mode. That’s something that the older Nebula couldn’t do: it was stuck at 16:9 high quality mode, not to mention you couldn’t even adjust any camera settings which was inconvenient.

It is heavier than the Nebula Nano, but it shows huge improvements in image quality from the previous version. Spoiler alert: it’s now very close to the original DJI camera.

It no longer has analog output – it can only be used with DJI FPV system, either the Vista or the Full size Air Unit.

Nebula Pro vs. DJI Camera

The Nebula Pro has almost the same features as the DJI camera, with a few small differences.

It is lighter and smaller than the DJI camera with its standard 19x19mm micro camera size which fits perfectly in most FPV drone frames. The unusual 22x21mm size of the DJI camera requires 3D printed camera mount or a frame that is designed specifically for this camera size.

Caddx did say the new camera is using a different image sensor than the DJI camera, but it uses what it seems to be the exact same lens, so you could use the same 3D printed lens protectors on it.

Caddx Nebula Pro Camera lens compare original dji

Nebula Pro Image Quality

From inside the goggles, honestly I couldn’t tell any difference when flying the two cameras back to back.

But when comparing the DVR footage side by side, there is some noticeable differences in image color. The Nebula Pro has slightly colder tone than the stock DJI cam. But apart from that they look pretty much identical, including field of view, wide dynamic range, etc.

DJI Camera

DJI Camera

Caddx Nebula Pro image testing day

Caddx Nebula Pro

Sharpness of the two cameras are almost identical.

DJI Camera

DJI Camera

Caddx Nebula Pro

Caddx Nebula Pro

And in low light, I’d say they perform about the same as well.

DJI Camera

DJI Camera

Caddx Nebula Pro

Caddx Nebula Pro


Is the Nebula Pro a success?

Caddx Nebula Pro Camera vista

In my opinion, yes. It has similar image quality to the original DJI camera and yet it’s a couple of grams lighter, has 19x19mm form factor and costs a few dollars less, what’s not to like?

If you ever break the stock DJI camera, I think the Caddx Nebula Pro can be a good replacement too, but do watch out for the different camera dimensions if your frame support it.

Here’s my image quality comparison video between Caddx Nebula Nano (V2), Runcam MIPI and Nebula Pro.

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Joseph Bove 28th June 2021 - 3:00 pm

Excellent review. You Sir are the most amazing person in the FPV world today! Thank you for all your valuable research and knowledge.

Gustavo 29th May 2021 - 8:07 pm

In the camera settings, in the goggles.
Notice that you can’t switch while recording. You have to stop recording, switch, then start recording again. I do that for landing, since I fly in 16:9 with a high uptilt.

Nicko 25th April 2021 - 9:24 pm

How do you switch from 4:3 to 16:9?

Oscar 26th April 2021 - 6:22 pm

Inside goggles settings, go to “camera”, and change “ratio” to 16:9.