News: Caddx Peanut HD Camera for FPV

Caddx posted a teaser video showcasing their upcoming Caddx Peanut HD camera. We currently have no info about this camera apart from a the promotional footage and a few hints from Caddx.

According to Caddx, the Peanut camera is a modified Insta360 GO V2. The Insta360 GO 2 was just released this week and the image quality and weight look promising.

The Peanut has stronger housing and a more reasonable price compared to the GO 2, sounds like it’s rebuilt specifically for FPV purposes to withstand crashes.

I will come back with more info once it’s available. The Peanut cam might not look exactly like the GO 2, top feature image is only for attention.

4 thoughts on “News: Caddx Peanut HD Camera for FPV

    1. Oscar Post author

      maybe they could use a cheaper case, and get rid of the remote, that would drop the price down considerably :)


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