What is CC3D Flight Controller

by Oscar

What is CC3D Flight Controller?

CC3D is a flight controller that is developed by OpenPilot project, it stands for CopterControl 3D. Currently supporting two platforms, the CC3D and the Revolution (Revo). If you have heard about Naze32, the CC3D is kind of like the father of Naze32, both use 32-bit processors, and they are the same size.

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What is so great about CC3D and OpenPilot?

The CC3D has been around a very long time (four or five years now?). It’s in fact one of the earliest flight controllers that have self level, and the first known FC that uses 32-bit architeture (that still exists and being sold). More importantly, it’s the ancestor of many popular boards such as the Naze32 Acro, Flip32, Lumenier edition CC3D and so on. Well designed hardware, and the code is very stable since it’s been maintained for so many years.

I personally have great respect to the OpenPilot project, and very thankful for what this project has contributed to the whole RC hobby.

Development of CC3D FC

Despite the great originality and creativity of OpenPilot, the unprofitable nature of the project resulted in terrible marketing. The developers were very focus on what they do, which was technical development, and they have an amazing community that helped giving feedback and improving the board. The great CC3D seemed to be kept under the radar for a very long time, probably unintentionally.

Thanks to the current mini quad FPV craze, the CC3D board is expected to grow in popularity, along with its derivative flight controllers such as the Naze32 Acro and Flip32.

One reason that it wasn’t that popular was because of the price and availability. Now things start to change, as more and more vendors started selling it, such as Hobbyking. Clones of CC3D start to emerge too which lowers the price.

Another reason was the user-unfriendly software. Butt now, there are optional software you can choose such as CleanFlight.

The Openpilot project is moving their focus to their new board, the Revolution. The Revo supports telemetry and GPS which the CC3D doesn’t. The Revo includes some advanced features such as onboard telemetry radio. It’s worth paying attention to if you are looking for a new flight controller. :D

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MrNams 21st June 2020 - 4:55 am

Does Pixhawk support motor Fail-safe?
If yes, which version to use?

If no, which is good Flight Controller?

I knew Naza-M2 support motor Fail-safe(correct me if I am wrong), but its close code, so I am avoiding it as long I have alternate FC.

Fritz 1st October 2019 - 1:09 pm

CC3D ist ein wenig veraltet und wird von Windows mit den gängigen USB 3 nicht mehr erkannt.
Schade. Muss den FC wechseln.

John Haimeck 23rd July 2017 - 1:33 pm

I am new to all of this. I Have a FX070c copter and I have seen a video of making it brushless. The person has a CC3D flight controller installed and h ave tried to get in touch with him about the controller but can’t get a response. I want to upgrade my brushed motor to brushless and add a tail motor also. I would like to know if I would need one and what function does it perform for the copter. I have added an ESC and I have upgraded the battery, but that is the extent. I really want this big bird to be brushless. Hope you can help.

Dj_Garfield 23rd December 2014 - 11:58 pm

In the next 2 weeks I’ll be able to see by my eyes , what this board is :)