Change of Domain

You might or might not have noticed there is a little difference to the website domain name. Yes it’s been changed! :)

The site has moved from “.net” to “.com“, removed “blog.” sub domain and we are now using https instead of http. (From to

Please update your bookmarks, feed readers and any other things that rely on the URLs. Anyway, the old URL will redirect to the new URL.

This change will probably cause a few problems: losing all my past post share counts on facebook, impacting my search ranking, causing some of my posts to disappear from Google in the short run. However hopefully it will bring more secure and convenient experience to the readers in the long run (and some other benefits as well).

I always wanted to use .com right from the beginning when I was setting up the website, but .com wasn’t available at the time, so I had to go with .net. It was funny that 6 months or so later, some guy emailed me offering”” for a ridiculous amount of $13,000. For a website that was only getting 200 hits a month, of course I totally ignored him.

I knew the guy was a speculator, so I kept an eye on the .com domain. And finally! 3 years later I bought the domain for $20 LOL :D

There might be bugs or dead links on the site, please let me know by messaging me or comment below, thank you.

6 thoughts on “Change of Domain

  1. Attila

    If you set up proper HTTP 307 redirections from your old site to your new site the search engines will find your post much easier. Also don’t forget to submit sitemaps to Google and the like.
    +1 for moving to https ;-)

  2. Glenn

    Hi Oscar congrats on the move! Looking forward to spending many late night hours (scratching my head) reading great how to articles!


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