How to Combine Two Small LiPo Into a Bigger One | 2x1S=2S | 2x2S=4S

by Oscar

Got a new model but it takes higher cell count LiPo? Here is an easy trick on how you can potentially save some money by combining smaller batteries you might already have into a bigger one.

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Say if your new model requires 4S Lipo batteries, but all you have are 2S, you can hook up two of the 2S batteries in series and make it 4S! No need to spend money buying new LiPo.

For example, you can DIY a adapter like this, 1 XT30 female connector with 2 XT30 male connector.

There are people modifying their LiPo batteries to combine the cells into a higher cell count battery. While it works, I personally don’t like permanently modifying batteries as you can’t go back. Also it’s dangerous and takes a lot of work.

A simple connector like this allows you to connect two 2S LiPo together, it’s the same as having a 4S LiPo. You can also connect two 3S and turn them into a 6S LiPo.

In fact a lot of Tiny Whoop models have been doing something similar, like the BetaFPV 75 Pro , Mobula7 and Trashcan.

These models all support 2S, but since many people already own 1S Lipo’s, they added an extra PH2.0 battery connector there for you to connect two 1S batteries at the same time.

These battery connectors connect the two LiPo in series, effectively turning two 1S into a 2S battery.

The cool thing about connecting batteries this way, is you have the option to only use half the voltage if you want. Why? Well, if you find the model is too powerful, and you want to reduce the power to be able to fly indoor, you can only use 1 battery instead of two. Simply short one of the connectors (connecting the two pins) and only plug in one battery.

Another thing I want to point out is the poor performance of these plastic PH2.0 battery connectors.

They are very light weight and small, great for tiny models, but they are not designed to handle a lot of current. They have high resistance and cause serious voltage sag when too much current passes through it.

If you use 2S, and weight isn’t an issue, we’d recommend replacing them with an XT30.

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Wojciech Latanowicz 13th December 2019 - 10:41 pm

This will probably be a silly question but can you go the other way somehow?

For example you have a 2s1p battery and want to use it as a 1s2p battery.
Can i use the balance plug for that somehow ? Seems the wire gauge is fine..

Or perhaps you can fly one cell and then switch to the other?

Lawrence Basco 13th December 2019 - 2:16 am

Excellent articles Oscar. I wonder if you could advise on a Fixed Wing setup?