The confusion around DAL brand

There have been many questions about DAL prop branding in the FPV community, and whether DAL, DALRC, and DALProps are the same company. RadioC emailed me and help clear up some of the confusions, and it’s actually an interesting read :) If your next DAL prop feel different this might be why.

Original message from RadioC (RadioC agreed to publish this message on my blog):


I think the community need to know what happened with the DAL brand, as things are about to get confusing. Maybe everybody already knows this, but I don’t think so. We stock products from both Surveilzone and DAL and I have no allegiance to one over the other.

So last year Surveilzone started getting props made by a factory in China. This factory had figured out the nylon mix for the unbreakable prop, and closed Surveilzone (SZ) to buy them. Surveilzone ordered the props, which were branded as “DAL”.

The props were a major success, and Surveilzone was selling lots of them.

Meanwhile the factory continued looking for other customers, and soon started supplying their DAL prop to many other shops around the world, along with other products which they branded as DALRC.

Surveilzone was not happy about that, they also supply wholesale, and wanted the sale of all DAL prop to go through them. They had done all the work to make the DAL brand known, so wanted control of it. The original factory was unwilling to agree to a sole distributorship with Surveilzone, and wanted to keep selling stuff under the DALRC brand.

Surveilzone decided to cut ties with the original factory, and try to take control of the brand. (Notice almost all the other DALRC stuff has disappeared from the SZ shelves), and instead started pushing the props as “DALPROPS”.

A new factory was brought in a few months ago by Surveilzone. They created a new website,, and started denying that the original props were genuine DAL. The props material mix is almost identical to the original, and they say DAL on the prop, however they are no longer original DAL prop from the original factory.

Props from the original DAL factory as it stands no longer have DAL printed on them as of the last batch.

That’s what happened. So the real “DAL” props from the factory we all know as DAL are no longer using the branding DAL. Props from the new factory SZ are using now say DAL or DALPROPS on them, but are not original DAL. However, they are so close to the original, it almost doesn’t matter and i’m yet to hear of any reports from the community of one being better than the other. Over the next few months as various shops all using mixed suppliers start supplying slightly different “DAL Prop”, the community ought to know why.


Fab from RadioC (

Update: DALProp responded to the above via Facebook

It’s only fair to present both sides of the story, so here is the response from



Basically he’s saying:

  • A factory in China is copying and faking DAL prop’s
  • This factory told RadioC fabricated story about DAL branding


5 thoughts on “The confusion around DAL brand

  1. --Oz--

    I tried $50 worth of DAL props 9 months ago (6045), then I tested KK6040, night and day for durability and less than 22 cents a prop, byby dal.

  2. Gavin

    Ha! I find this very comical. If anything that this John Snow is saying is true than the double standards he possesses are absolutely hilarious! Copy this, copy that…we are real, they are fake…they are copy cat not me, blah blah blah. The copy cat are not same quality….blah blah. Go to their website and check out these links:

    This guys is full of it. They’re not only copying the hell out of products their stealing the descriptions of said products straight from the manufacturer they “copied” and while they were at it they made bad copies! Now after checking those links check out these.

    They copy everything! Turns out he’s just got chronic diarrhea of the mouth! Keep on with your lies and double standards buddy. You are truly a class act.

    1. Slim

      Just read the other guys statement he don’t even know how to speak or wright the way us Americans do .Its cut and chopped english they always sound funny when they leave out the little words….lol

  3. OzzyMuppet

    Very interesting story! Tales of mystery and drama in the multi-billion dollar plastic prop industry! Love it :-)

    Personally, DAL isn’t much of a brand to me. Only DAL product I’ve purchased was their early DAL 600mw transmitter that lasted maybe two flights before crapping itself from overheating, similar experience to everyone else.

    But if DAL and Surveilzone are one and the same… well then I can forgive them. Surveilzone are awesome.


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