December Sale: Top Discounted FPV Products on Banggood

by Oscar
Banggood Banner 09 12 2023

This week I went through Banggood’s FPV product catalog and handpicked the following products, which I asked for special coupons and deals to share with you guys. I hope you find these sales useful! This post is sponsored by Banggood.

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SpeedyBee Goggles BEC

Speedybee Goggles Bec Led 3 Digit Display

The SpeedyBee Goggles BEC is on sale this month on Banggood:

  • Code: BG7aa5db
  • Code price: US$19.99
  • CN warehouse
  • Exp: 12/31

The DJI Goggles 2 is known to have a relatively short battery life due to its small battery. The SpeedyBee Goggles BEC is a practical device designed to extend the battery life of DJI Goggles 2 by allowing them to be powered with any 3S, 4S, or 6S LiPo or Li-ion batteries. It’s basically a smart voltage regulator that addresses the limitation of the original small Li-ion battery. Using this BEC is straightforward, as it’s plug and play. The SpeedyBee Goggles BEC is especially useful for DJI Goggles 2 owners dissatisfied with the short battery life of the stock battery.

Learn more about this BEC here:


The Zeus Nano VTX is on sale this month on Banggood (Price:$10-$37):

The HGLRC Zeus Nano VTX is a versatile and compact video transmitter, ideal for micro quadcopters. Weighing under 3 grams, it’s particularly suited for lightweight drone builds. It offers a flexible mounting solution, fitting various flight controller stacks (25.5×25.5mm, 20x20mm, 16x16mm) and allows for removal of mounting tabs to save space and weight.

Key features include a built-in microphone, 5V input voltage, four output power selections, and support for 5 bands and 40 channels. Despite its small size, it has a heatsink and performs well in power tests, often exceeding specified output powers.

The Zeus Nano VTX is a cost-effective option, offering better power performance compared to some competitors, making it an appealing choice for drone enthusiasts looking for a lightweight, reliable VTX with flexible mounting options.

Learn more about this VTX here:

Caddx Ratel 2 FPV Camera

Creator: Gd Jpeg V1.0 (using Ijg Jpeg V62), Quality = 80

The Ratel 2 is on sale this month on Banggood:

  • Code: BGce529a
  • Code price: 29.99
  • CN warehouse
  • Exp:12/31

The Caddx Ratel 2 FPV camera has accumulated numerous positive reviews over the years. It stands out as a cost-effective analog camera considering the performance it delivers. The Ratel 2 is well-regarded for its harmonious balance of wide dynamic range and contrast. It achieves this without any digital artifacts, ensuring natural color reproduction.

Insta360 GO 3 Action Camera

Insta360 Go 3 Action Camera Front

The GO 3 is on sale this month on Banggood:

  • Code: BGad2745
  • Code price: US$459.99
  • CN warehouse
  • Exp:12/31

The Insta360 GO 3 is a compact action camera offering 2.7K stabilized footage and a user-friendly charging case with a touchscreen, ideal for vlogging and FPV drones. Its lightweight, thumb-sized design suits small FPV drones, and it mounts easily with its magnetic body and quick-release mount. The GO 3 stands out with its charging case’s color touchscreen, which resembles a GoPro’s interface but is smaller and more portable. The camera records up to 1440p at 50fps or 2.7K at 30fps, with decent image quality and FlowState 2.0 stabilization, although low-light performance is limited. It lacks an SD card slot, relying on internal memory (32GB, 64GB, 128GB options).

Learn more about this camera here:

Hawkeye Thumb 4K Action Camera

Hawkeye Thumb 4k Fpv Camera

The Hawkeye Thumb 4K is on sale this month on Banggood (Flash deal price: $66.99):

The Hawkeye Thumb 4K Camera, designed for budget micro FPV drones, offers a lightweight and affordable alternative to full-sized action cameras like GoPro. With 4K resolution and a built-in gyro for stabilization, it’s a strong competitor to the Runcam Thumb Pro. Notably, it integrates a plastic mounting bracket, eliminating the need for an additional mount, and includes a removable UV lens with the option for an ND filter.

While offering good image quality and stabilization for its price, the camera’s dynamic range and audio quality are modest compared to higher-end models. Additionally, the Hawkeye Thumb 4K doesn’t have a built-in battery and requires external power, limiting its standalone usage. Despite these drawbacks, its affordability and features make it a compelling option for budget-conscious FPV drone pilots.

Learn more about this camera here:

DJI Osmo Action 4 Camera

Dji Osmo Action 4 Hd 4k Camera Fpv Drone Front Bottom Left

The Osmo Action 4 is on sale this month on Banggood (Flash deal price: $519.99):

The DJI Osmo Action 4 is a solid competitor in the action camera market, offering several improvements over its predecessor, the Action 3, and standing as a strong alternative to the GoPro Hero 12. It maintains the same design, but the major upgrade lies in its larger 1/1.3 inch sensor. This sensor provides enhanced dynamic range and low-light performance, crucial for varied lighting conditions in FPV shooting.

Pros of the Osmo Action 4 include its larger sensor for superior low-light performance and more accurate colors, 10-bit color capabilities, impressive stabilization with Rocksteady, and compatibility with Gyroflow. It also boasts a commendable battery life, quick charging, and robust build quality, with an intuitive user interface and a responsive touchscreen.

Learn more about this camera here:

Walksnail Avatar Goggles X

Walksnail Avatar Goggles X Fpv Right Side Power Input Connector Menu Buttons

The Walksnail Avatar Goggles X is on sale this month on Banggood:

  • Code: BG156a24
  • Code price: US$535.99
  • CN warehouse
  • Exp:12/31

The Walksnail Avatar HD Goggles X is a significant upgrade in the FPV goggles market, combining new features and enhancements over its predecessor. With a unique design, including a dark metallic finish and a form factor similar to the DJI Goggles 2/Integra, it stands out. A notable improvement is the addition of AV and HDMI input/output, allowing compatibility with analog and HDZero systems, as well as use as an external monitor for PCs or playing FPV simulators.

Pros include its competitive price ($459), excellent image quality, compatibility with various FPV systems, removable high-quality antennas, support for 2S to 6S power input, a future-proof modular VRX design, and user-friendly adjustments for focus and IPD. It’s also customizable and comfortable, with a similar user interface to the previous model.

The Goggles X is a compelling choice for those new to Walksnail, offering a great experience at a lower price than competitors. Learn more about this goggles here:

0.96-inch 128GB HD 1080P Thumb Camera

This product is on sale this month on Banggood:

  • Code:BG77e86a
  • Code price:21.99
  • CN warehouse
  • Exp:12/31

Banggood recommended this camera, while untested by me, seems to have some compelling features for FPV pilots. Its affordable, compact, lightweight design and 128GB storage capacity make it suitable for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The 0.96-inch full-view HD screen ensures clear display, and its durable battery supports extended use. Additionally, its splash-resistant feature adds reliability in various weather conditions, potentially making it a worthwhile investment for capturing adventures.

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The link for the Avatar goggle doesnt seem to be right….

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