Betaflight Flight Controllers for DJI Air Unit (DJI Digital FPV System)

There are now Betaflight flight controllers designed specifically to work with the DJI Digital FPV System seamlessly. These FC can be connected directly to the DJI Air Unit without any soldering, which is easy, reliable and clean.

Another benefit of these “DJI” FC is the support for 6S LiPo Battery. The DJI Air unit can only take a 4S LiPo Battery, so if you want to power your drone with 6S, you would have to use a voltage regulator and deal with the messy wiring. All of these flight controllers have built-in voltage regulator that provides stable power to the DJI Air Unit, making it truly plug and play.

The flight controller does not only power the DJI air unit, it also sends flight information to the Air Unit, and is eventually displayed in the DJI FPV goggles.

There are a lot of technical terms in the review, you can learn about all of them in my flight controller buyer’s guide, and ESC buyer’s guide.

Holybro Kakute F7 HDV Stack

Kakute F7 HDV FC ($38):

Stack ($91):

Accessories include:

  • 1 x 1000uF 35v Electrolytic capacitor (to be soldered at the ESC power pads)
  • 2 x ESC to FC ribbon cable (65mm & 25mm)
  • Bolts, standoffs and nuts

Kakute F7 HDV FC Specs

  • F7, MPU6000
  • Integrated BMP280 Barometer
  • SCL/SDA pads for external GPS and magnetometer
  • Input voltage: 7V to 42V (recommended up to 6S only)
  • 5V 1.5A BEC
  • 8V 2A (16W) for DJI Air Unit
  • 6 UART’s
  • Built-in SD Card Reader for Blackbox
  • Dimensions: 35x35mm
  • Weight: 8g

Tekko32 F3 HDV ESC Specs

  • BLHeli32 Firmware (F3 MCU)
  • Current: 40Ax4 cont, burst unknown
  • Supports 3S – 6S LiPo Input
  • Extra Capacitor required at the power (included)
  • Dimensions: 44x37x6mm
  • Weight: 11.6g

The Good and Bad

  • Faster processors in both FC (F7) and ESC (F3), don’t make much of a difference in performance, but more future-proof
  • SD card reader for blackbox
  • Waterproof coating on FC, but not on ESC
  • Built-in barometer for measuring height – great if you plan to use GPS on the quad
  • Doesn’t support Betaflight OSD, so it’s not really ideal for analogue FPV system
  • There is no solder pads for connecting the FC and ESC, you have to use the ribbon cable

NewBeeDrone Infinity 30 Stack

Product Page:


  • 4x Grommets
  • 5x Nylon Screw 27mm
  • 13x Nylon Lock nut
  • 3x FC to DJI Air Unit Cable (length: 40mm, 100mm, 150mm)
  • 1x FC to ESC cable 40mm

Infinity 30 FC Specs

  • F4, MPU6000
  • Input Voltage: 3S – 6S
  • 5V 2A BEC
  • 9V 2A (18W) for DJI Air Unit
  • Built-in Betaflight OSD
  • 6 UART’s – UART 1 inverted for SBUS
  • Size: 36×39
  • Weight: 8.4g

Infinity 30 ESC Spec

  • BLHeli_32 Firmware
  • Supports 3S – 6S LiPo Input
  • Current: 40Ax4 cont. 55Ax4 burst
  • Current sensor (ADC)
  • Size: 41×37.5x6mm
  • Weight: 15.0g

The Good and Bad

The flight controller is a single sided PCB (components are built on only one side of the board). This means less separation is required on the bottom, and so you can mount the ESC closer to the FC and make a super low stack.

Here are the great features of the Infinity30 ESC:

  • There are built-in RGB LED at the 4 corners, programmable in BLHeli_32 configurator.
  • According to NewBeeDrone, there are 48 x 10uF ceramic capacitors on the Infinity30 ESC, there is no need for extra capacitors!
  • You can connect the ESC to FC either with the ribbon cable, or soldering wires, very flexible.
  • The 4in1 ESC has rubber grommets, which dampens and protects the ESC against crash impacts
  • There is a heatsink on top of the ESC which also acts as a shielding for the FC from EM interference from the FET’s

  • FC is using F4 processor – it’s totally fine in terms of performance and usage, but I wish it was an F7 anyway
  • It has built-in Betaflight OSD, so you can use it for DJI FPV System, as well as analogue FPV system
  • Some might prefer the more centred gyro sensor
  • More user friendly solder pad layout than the Kakute
  • Slightly more powerful 5V BEC
  • 3 cables of different lengths for connecting DJI VTX – flexible!


Let me know if I missed any other FC stacks that are designed for the DJI Digital FPV system. Between the two stacks we looked at, there is no clear winner. The best FC stack depends on your application and preference.

I like the Betaflight OSD feature in the NewBeeDrone Infinity stack, it allows you to use the same stack with analogue FPV system. And the Infinity 4in1 ESC is also stronger and has a lot more capacitors.

However the Holybro HDV stack is also very appealing in some ways – it has built-in barometer and SD card reader, great for GPS long range and performance tuning. Not to mentioned the faster processors, and it’s nearly $10 cheaper, and you can just buy the FC alone if you want.

However something that is lacking in both FC: a USB-C connector instead of the Mini USB! Because the DJI Air Unit also uses type-C connector, a matching connector means one fewer cable to carry around.

8 thoughts on “Betaflight Flight Controllers for DJI Air Unit (DJI Digital FPV System)

  1. Mark Pfeifer

    What good is the kakute F7 HDV’s barometer if you cant see it read out in betaflight OSD?

    Are they anticipating some sort of osd workaround coming up from DJI?

  2. CesiumSalami

    I have the NDB stack. FWIW – oddly, they do say caps are not required for 6S BUT they mention they ARE recommended for 4S: “Note: For current version of Infinity30 FC, please add a 25v 470uf cap if you are building a quad in 4S. ” The FC seems great. Really just plug and play. Shame about not having a waterproof coating, though as the ESC’s heatsink is not really removable which makes waterproofing after the fact tough. I’m also not sure there is a target out for it. I had to use the base F4 unified target and then use information from the diff to use BF4.1 or even just reflash BF4.0.

  3. Fred

    Hi Oscar, you also have the iFlight SucceX-D F7 Stack (F7+60A ESC) for DJI Air Unit FPV Racing Drone, to be found on BG.

    Fred (


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