Download YouTube videos – 怎么下載 youtube videos

How to download YouTube videos without any software or toolbar

In this video you will learn the best trick ever to download YouTube videos.

Follow this method to download youtube videos. For you to download youtube videos free to computer from youtube you need to follow the below described procedure.

  1. Play the video you want to download
  2. After playing the youtube video, The second step to download youtube video is to look for www. and after www. type in “ss” in the url of the youtube video you intended to download on your computer.
  3. The third step to download youtube video is after typing in “ss” in the url now choose a format for your youtube video to download.
  4. press enter and choose save as location of the video and you are done.

如何 download youtube 视频 最新方法

  1. 在 youtube 上找到你想要下載的視頻。
  2. 在地址欄,’’的前面加 ‘ss’,按 enter 鍵。
  3. 你將會到一個下載網站,在這個網站的右邊,選擇你想要的格式就可以了~

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