Review: Dragonfly Hurricane 2207 2500KV Motors

by Oscar

The Dragonfly Hurricane 2207 motors from FPVModel are affordable yet feature some of the latest designs in mini quad motors. In this review we will take a close look at the build quality and features.

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You can get the Dragonfly Hurricane 2207 motors from:

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Specification of the Hurricane 2207 Motors

  • Size and KV: 2207 2500KV
  • Supports 3S to 5S LiPo
  • Silicone Wires: 20AWG, 11cm long
  • Weight: 30.3g (excluding wires), 33.4g (including 11cm wires)
  • N52SH Magnet
  • Japanese NSK Bearings, 693zz, 3x8x4
  • Price: $14 !

At first glance, the build quality of the Hurricane 2207 looks amazing for the low price. And the 2500KV is a good number for Freestyle flying and possibly racing as well, current draw is more manageable and it’s compatible with a wider range of props.

There is no vertical play in the motor bell, and the bearings sound smooth when spun by hand.

Close Look at the Dragonfly Hurricane 2207 Motor

Unlike many other mini quad motors, the motor shaft in the Hurricane 2207 is a 3mm solid steel rod that goes all the way to the top through the 5mm aluminium prop shaft. This is supposed to improve the strength of the prop shaft and prevent bending in crashes.

This model uses multi-stranded windings which is generally better in terms of performance than single-stranded, because you can pack the wires more closely around the stator due to the smaller gaps between thinner wires.

However, there are some downsides to multi-stranded windings, including poorer heat handling than single-strand, especially when the wire gauge in the Hurricane motors look to be quite small. But the naked bottom design might help with cooling. We will pay attention to heat when testing these motors.

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A couple of things to be noticed here are the really thick magnets and the nearly non-existent airgap between the magnets and the stator.

Without the extended motor shaft and thickened magnets, this motor would have been a lot lighter, but the motor still weighs in at only 33g so I don’t think that would be a big problem.

You can see blobs of blue glue from the bottom, which are used to balance the motor bell.

Another great design feature is a thin plastic shroud that prevents damage to the motor windings if the bolts are too long. It’s a simple but effective idea.

No C-clip, but a hex screw holding the shaft, much easier for self-servicing.

The motor comes with an aluminium prop nut, and 5x 6mm stainless steel motor screws.

From the box, it suggests there might be some other KV versions for the DH2207 motor in the future: 1600KV, 1900KV, 2500KV as well as 2700KV. The low KV might be suited for 5S and 6S, or 6″ and 7″ on 4S, while the high KV might be great for racing on 4S LiPo and 5″ props.

This motor looks great so far, I will come back and update when I’ve tested them.

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Alex 21st May 2018 - 10:06 pm

That high current draw is from 2650kv they are dialed back to 2500kv. Are there any benchtests from the 2500kv?

Andrew Eib 10th May 2018 - 5:43 pm

The thrust testing from

Shows that these make an incredible amount of thrust, are there any other 2207 that even match? It doesn’t look like it… Although the maximum current draw is high, are there any other comparably sized motors that come close or best it?

Garry 10th April 2018 - 12:51 am

these look like they came out from same manufacturer as the BBB 2207 motors

Alex 3rd April 2018 - 2:55 pm

Bfffff, more doubts on what new motors to buy….