DYS Storm 2207 Motor

by Oscar

Checking out these new DYS Storm 2207 motors designed for FPV racing.

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Got these new mini quad motors in about a month ago, it took sometime but I will test these motors on a new build soon! In this post I will share a few photos of these motors and inspect the quality.

They come in pair in a plastic box. Each box comes with

  • 2x DYS Storm 2207 motors
  • 5x 5mm M3 screws
  • 5x 7mm M3 screws
  • 1x M5 wrench
  • 2x M5 nylon prop nuts (0.7g)

These motors will be available at 2300kv, 2500kv (or 2550KV?) and 3000kv. The prototypes I got are the 2500KV. Maybe they have slightly adjusted the KV’s from 2500 to 2550KV.

All motors have CCW prop shaft threads. They can run on 3S-6S LiPo.

According to BG, these motors will be sold at $21.99 each.

The motor weights 36.5g, but the motor wires on mine are 19cm long! So I think it should be close to 32g-33g with the wires trimmed to about 5cm.

That’s not a heavy motor at all given it’s has a 7mm tall stator. According to DYS, the motor is made lighter using titanium bearing. It’s also more robust against crash impact. It has the same 0.1mm lamination like the Fire motors, this ensure the motor has great torque yet has good efficiency.

Compared to a 2205 or 2206, the increase in stator height of 2207 should give this motor more mid/top end power.

It’s got hollow shaft, and the air gaps are really tight on this motor. It’s not using curved magnets though. The quality of the build is excellent!


The Storm 2207 motos are using C clips, some people prefer it, some don’t.

I personally don’t go against it, as I have only ever had 1 incident with C-clip (popped off during flight) with maybe over 100 motors I used. I don’t normally open the motors up for service either, I replace them or they die on me before getting to that stage.

The motor bottom has a good part cut out probably great for cooling.

Can’t wait to put these motors a quad and try them out! The purple housing is really eye catching! :D

Update (10/Apr/2017)

One of the motors have some issue with the bearing. It makes a loud noise when spinning. Although it flies, but I have this oscillation that is hard to get rid off. The other 3 motors seem fine just the one.

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Randy Bernal 21st June 2017 - 11:27 pm

What size is the c clip? I keep having bells fall off mid flight. also stripped the base and the shaft now rotates when i try to install props so I think i need a replacement.

kastor159 14th March 2017 - 11:50 am

Hey Oscar, I would really like to know this one thing and i cant find it anywhere i look.

-Why would i choose a 2205, 2206 or a 2207 motor for my quad?
-Why would i choose 2300kv or 2600kv (or somewhere in between).

Now lets say i only fly 5″ <250 size quads, how or why should i decide which to buy?
Thanks in advance!!!!

Oscar 24th March 2017 - 12:13 am

interesting question!
1. 2205, 06, 07, these are different stator heights, the taller, the more power you get at high RPM (top end throttle), and more amp hungry!
2. KV is the factor to consider depends on the type of props you want to run. Lower KV have higher torque so can spin heavier props, while high KV has more power but better to run lighter props otherwise you risk abusing your batteries :)
Take a look at my motor guide if you still have questions :)