Review: Egodrift Atom Bomb Baby 2306 2400KV Motor

by Oscar

Let’s check out these beautiful motors from Egodrift – the Atom Bomb Baby 2306 (ABB), featuring a bell design by FPV artist, Miss Creature. I will be testing them in the next few weeks, but I just can’t wait to share with you some teaser images.

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There are a lot of technical terms in this review, which are explained in more detail in this racing drone motor buyer’s guide.

Where to Buy?

These motors from Egodrift come with some of the coolest sticker bomb boxes and packaging!

In the box, there are the motor, one black lock nut for propeller, and two sets of black steel M3 motor screws in both 6mm and 8mm lengths. This should cover the wide variety of frames with different arm thicknesses out there.

Further Reading: Using bolts that are too long can cause “shorts” in the windings!

A Closer Look at the Specs and Features

Here are the basic specs of the ABB 2306 motor:

  • Supports 3S, 4S, 5S and 6S LiPo
  • Available in 1700KV, 2400KV and 2700KV
  • 0.15 mm Stator Lamination
  • N52SH ARC magnets

I am testing the 2400KV version, which should be ideal for 5″ props running 4S, or even 5S with carefully selected lower pitch, lighter 5″ props.

The Atom Bomb motors come with 15cm 20AWG silicone wires.

The motor weighs at 36.7g with prop nut and 15cm wires. With shorter wires, the weight can come down to around 32-33g.

Motor Bell

The top of the motor bell  is made of aluminium anodized to a shiny gold finish, while the black steel flux ring features a logo designed by Miss Creature.

Egodrift-Atom-Bomb-Baby-2306-2400KV-Motor bell

Motor Stator

There are many similarities between the Atom Bomb Baby 2306 and the BrotherHobby R6 2306, including stator lamination which is also 0.15mm.

The magnet choice is listed as N52 on their website, which surprised me because N52 has worse heat property than N52H, and the latter is kind of the standard in mini quad motors. Basically, magnets can slowly lose their magnetism when the motor overheats, and N52H has a higher temperature tolerance than N52.

But after checking with Egodrift, they confirmed it was only just a typo! They are actually using N52SH magnets in the ABB 2306 motor.

Motor Shaft

The motor bell is supported by a hollow-core steel shaft. The top of the motor (propeller mount) is textured for a more solid grip in the air.


Motor Base

The open bottom design reduces the amount of material used for weight saving, enhances cooling, and makes it easier to clean out dirt.

The motor base is also made of aluminium anodized in shiny gold colour to match the top of the bell, with a standard 16x16mm mounting hole pattern.

The bell is held in place with a hex screw, facilitating easy DIY motor service.

Taking the Motor Apart

Here is how to take apart the motor and remove the bell from the stator.

Simply unscrew the bolt at the bottom, and carefully pull apart the base from the bell with a pair of pliers. You can now easily clean the inside of the motor, and replace/repair magnets and bearings as well.

While we are here, I measured the bearing size – 9mm x 4mm. There is no surprise here as it’s a popular choice for 5″ mini quad motors, which is considered a good balance between smoothness and durability.

And the “air gap” between the stator and magnets are not particularly tight, so I expect it to be a relatively smooth and less amp hungry motor.

Egodrift-Atom-Bomb-Baby-2306-2400KV-Motor air gap

Why the Long Heatshrink?

You might have noticed the extra long heatshrink at the base (about 1.5cm). It kind of bothers me… so I asked Egodrift, and they told me it’s used by their workers to hold on to the motor for manual winding.

That’s right, the motor windings are hand-wound by their workers! Not by machines.

The extra long heatshrink shouldn’t be a problem for the most part, but it is quite stiff. If you use race wires, or those long slim ESC on the arms, you might run into trouble trying to place them closer to the motor.

I will be testing and comparing them to the Brotherhobby R6 2306 2450KV back to back, and report back soon :)


Congratulations, you made it to the end of the post and now you have a chance to win some free motors :)

Huge thank you to Egodrift for their generosity, they are giving away a set of Atom Bomb Baby Gold Motors to my lovely readers (yes, you!)


To enter the giveaway:

Egodrift and I will pick a winner in two weeks time.

If you don’t have Facebook, you can also participate in this thread on IntoFPV.

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Apoc79 24th June 2019 - 1:16 pm

Dear friends.
Please note that Banggood is not selling my motors.
EGODRIFT is not selling them to bg, nor allowed them to copydescriptions and photos. They have been sent a legal notice already.
Someone is coping thr motors and selling them to bg or we don’t know what’s going on.
Please support your local resellers (such as getfpv, rchangar15 etc.)

Max 18th March 2019 - 7:46 am


So, who is a winner? :-)

Oscar 21st March 2019 - 7:38 pm

it will be announced on the same FB thread.