FlyDream Dream 1 Electric Paper Plane – Lightest RC Plane

by Oscar

I bought this electric paper plane from Hobbyking the other day just for fun. It’s a ready-to-fly kit, and seems to be a great gift for a young kid.

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This is technically my first fixed wing plane :) FlyDream Dream 1 Product Page.

It comes with paper airplane driver, a ring controller, a replacement foam for the plane head, an USB charger and 4 pieces of plane folding paper that has different pictures.

flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-box flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-content-items-parts

The plane can be controlled by the Ring controller that you wear on your finger. It has a Somatosensory sensor built-in, so by moving your finger you are able to adjust the motor speed, turning left right and land. The range is about 50 meters however I have yet to confirm it.

The plane has a tiny rudder, just in front of the pusher motor. It is driven by a tiny magnetic actuator, which only give you 3 positions: left, centre and right. It doesn’t have much turning authority, so you need quite a big indoor space to fly this little plane, ideally somewhere as big as a basketball court.

flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-ring-controller-driver flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-motor-driver-rudder

Both the plane driver and Ring controller have a built-in battery, that can be charged through a computer USB port, within 20 mins.

It comes with 4 different colour / picture plane folding papers. Each paper has the folding instructions clearly printed on.

flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-folding-papers-4-colour-picture flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-folding-paper-white

It isn’t difficult at all to put it together. The instructions for folding the paper airplane is very well explained. Assembly took me about 10 mins.

flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-assembly-bottom flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-assembly-top

And here is the manual that came with the small RC plane, for my future reference.

flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-manual-1 flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-manual-2 flydream-1-electric-paper-plane-smallest-rc-plane-manual-3

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