Review: Fatshark Attitude V6 FPV Goggles

by Oscar
Fatshark Attitude V6 Fpv Goggles

Should you buy the Fatshark Attitude V6 FPV Goggles? Hopefully this review answers your question.

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It might look similar to older Fatshark goggles, but they are actually very good value googles.

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Where to Buy?

Fatshark Attitude V6 Fpv Goggles Accessories

Image Quality

The Fatshark Attitude V6 doesn’t have OLED screens, hence they can be priced so much lower than the premium HDO2. The downside is that the image is less constrasty and the black is more like dark grey, but the image quality is still decent for the most part. If you can’t afford the top end goggles this is still a very good option. But if you have the budget, OLED is definitely the way to go.

Fatshark Attitude V6 Fpv Goggles Lens

High resolution – the Attitude V6 has the exact same resolution as the Fatshark HDO2 and Skyzone 04X. They are intended for analog FPV system, but also support Sharkbyte/HDZero digital FPV system. This makes them great choice for those who doesn’t want to spend $500 on a pair of goggles.

The 39-degree FOV is on par with goggles in this price range. If you want larger FOV you would be looking at more expensive goggles which offer better optics.


There’s a power button which also controls the fan. You can change that by pulling out the left door. but be careful as there’s a receiver module inside if you pull too fast you will disconnect the ribbon cable.

Fatshark Attitude V6 Fpv Goggles Top


There are IPD adjustment sliders on the bottom, and the knobs on these sliders are actually focus adjustments! This is a really great design. However the focus adjustment only goes from -2 to +6, the range is not as wide as the 04X (-6 to +6). There’s no slots for custom diopter inserts by the way.

Fatshark Attitude V6 Fpv Goggles Bottom

Receiver Module and DVR

They come with a basic diversity receiver module as well as antennas, so you save money. It gets the job done for everyday flying, but don’t expect anything spectacular. You can get the Rapidfire or TBS Fusion if you want the best possible performance and features but that’s another $120 extra cost. In that case you should just get the SKY04X really as it comes with a much better receiver module.

The same mediocre DVR in the Attitude V6 as previous Fatshark Goggles, which is a shame.

Should You Get the Attitude V6?

If you fly Sharkbyte and HDZero and want to get a mid range goggles, the Attitude V6 is a serious contender for the value. But if you mainly fly analog, I think it’s worth getting a pair of OLED goggles, like the Sky03O which is also at this price point.

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