How to Flash Taranis Internal RF Module Firmware

Inside the Taranis X9D+ and QX7, there is a built-in RF module, they too have their own firmware. In this tutorial I will show you how to update the firmware on the Taranis internal RF module.

Benefits of Updating Taranis Internal RF Module Firmware

  1. Bug fixes and improvement
  2. For the Original Taranis X9D+, If your Taranis doesn’t work with long range LR12 mode (L9R receivers), updating to the latest XJT firmware will fix that
  3. To comply with your local regulation regarding the usage of RF. There are the EU firmware for those inside the EU, and International firmware for everyone else
  4. For the last point, you might get receivers with the “wrong” firmware on it, and they won’t bind to your Taranis. You can either flash the receiver, or your Taranis internal RF module to the matching firmware

Here is a tutorial how to flash firmware to Frsky radio receivers.

How to tell if you have EU or International firmware?

Steps to Flash Taranis Internal RF Module

The same process applies to all , and X9D+ 2019 radios.

Download firmware file

Copy the .frk file to your SD card, “FIRMWARE” folder on the SD card.

On your radio, hold down the Menu button for 2 seconds, and navigate to page “SD Card” using the Page button.

Scroll down to the “FIRMWARE” folder and select the .frk file that was copied there, hold down the Enter button and select “Flash internal module” in the drop down list.

Flashing takes about a minute or so.

Edit History

  • Dec 2018 – article created
  • Sep 2019 – Updated article for Taranis X9D+ 2019

2 thoughts on “How to Flash Taranis Internal RF Module Firmware

  1. KC Ho

    Hi Oscar,
    Recently I have accidentally upgrade an XJT module firmware to my Taranis X9D + radio, which I do not have this module.
    After I upgrade the firmware, the radio is no longer work with all my receivers.

    Is there any way to revert back the internal module firmware or which firmware I have to re-installed for my internal module?

    The reason that I upgrade the XJT firmware is I cannot bind a new Frsky X4R receiver even though I have upgrade the X4r firmware, so I think it may be the internal RF module firmware also need to be, I thought the XJT module is the internal RF module of the radio , but later on, I found out that I am wrong.


  2. bob

    is it possible to run fcc open tx with lbt internal module firmware?
    im askin because i have lbt and non fcc recievers and would like to use them both with my taranis. changing the internal module firmware is kinda fast, so i though that might be a solution.


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