How to Flash Taranis Internal XJT TX Module

Inside the Taranis X9D or QX7, there is a built-in XJT transmitting module. In this tutorial I will show you how to update the firmware to the Taranis internal module.

Why Flash Taranis Internal XJT module?

  1. Your Taranis doesn’t work long range LR12 mode with L9R receivers, updating to the latest XJT firmware will fix that
  2. To comply with your local regulation regarding the usage of RF. There is the EU firmware for those inside the EU, and International firmware for everyone else
  3. For the above reason, you might get a transmitter or receiver with the “wrong” firmware on it. If your transmitter and receiver have mismatched firmware they won’t bind together. And so you will have to flash the correct firmware on your Taranis internal module, or to the receiver

Here is a tutorial how to flash firmware to Frsky radio receivers.

How to tell if you have EU or International firmware?

Steps to Flash Taranis Internal TX module

The same process applies to both X9D-Plus and Q X7.

Download firmware file for XJT module from Frsky:

To follow EU regulation you should use the XJT_LBT firmware version (your RX will need to be on EU_LBT firmware too in order to work); For everyone else just get the international version (non-EU).

Copy the .frk file to your SD card, “firmwares” folder

Hold down the Menu button for 2 seconds, and navigate to page “SD Card” using the Page button.

Go to “firmwares” folder and select the firmware file we just copied there, hold down the Enter button and select “Flash internal module” in the drop down list.

Your internal XJT module will be flashed and updated within a minute or so.

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