Review: FlexyBee 250 Mini Quad Frame

by Oscar

The FlexyBee 250 mini quad frame has a very original look, and it’s made of injection Mold Polycarbonate plastic, as opposed to the usual carbon fibre or G10.

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Frame maker Gokay emphasized the rigidity and toughness offered by the material used, and the unique frame design. The video at the end of this post shows how he kept trashing this frame against a wall, and it’s holding up very very well.

This is what you get in the frame package.


FlexyBee 250 Design and Look

When it comes to mini quad frames, some people are after the look, while some are after durability. I have not yet built nor flown with this frame, but it does appear to be very strong.


Arms are very rigid and does not flex, at all. Motor to motor distance is 28cm, and it supports 5 inch or 6 inch propellers. But because of the large body, it gives you loads of space to place your electronics, which is usually a struggle when working with mini quads.

It comes with a simple PDB, nothing fancy just for connecting your components to the battery.


The frame is a bit on the heavy side, weights nearly 191 grams.


It has a very strong base plate, and connection to the arms are very strong. But I think the weak points is the 6 posts connecting the top plates and the bottom plate. I think it shouldn’t be a huge problem if you are not mounting anything heavy on it.

The camera mounting plates.


Clsoer look at the arms, curvy design for better strength.



Building this frame is very straight forward, it only took me 20 mins to put it together, without even looking at any instructions.

Here are the top and bottom plates of FlexyBee 250 mini quad frame.


Attaching the PDB on bottom plate. Lipo battery is supposed to sit under the frame.


The arms are held by the landing gears.

flexybee-250-frame-mini-quad-mounting-arm-landing-gear flexybee-250-frame-mini-quad-mounting-arm-landing-gear-screws

Finally install the top plate, and that’s it!


More information

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Serdar 30th May 2015 - 1:20 pm

I have transparent one and using more longer than one month. I have been made too many crashs with them. Only replaced landing skids with new one. If you are using quadcopters with led light, highly recommended. Look’s like an ufo. Transparency reflects lights entire the body.

khaqan 28th May 2015 - 5:35 am

Excellent work and very helpful thanks.