Review: Flywoo Baby Quad – Tiny Whoop Sized Drone Carrying GoPro

by Oscar
Flywoo Baby Quad Fpv Drone

The Flywoo Baby Quad is one of the smallest FPV drones that can carry an HD camera and fits in your pocket. It’s basically the size of a tiny whoop, flies very well out of the box, and is compatible with DJI FPV system (Caddx Vista).

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Where to Buy?

The HD version comes with the Caddx Nebula Nano V2 FPV camera and Vista VTX. Although they have made the Caddx Vista “naked”, it’s still 12g heavier than the Analog version (51g vs 63g). The Analog version comes with the Goku VTX625 450mW and Caddx Ant camera.

I am reviewing the HD version in this post.

For receiver, you can choose between the Frsky XM+, TBS Crossfire, or Vista SBUS (no receiver).

Check out flight footage here:

Specs and Features

Flywoo Baby Quad Nano Hex Compare

Left: Flywoo Baby Quad; Right: Flywoo Nano Hex

Here’s the specification of the Flywoo Baby Quad:

  • FC: GOKU F745 FC (16x16mm)
  • ESC: GOKU 13A BLHeli_S 4in1 ESC (16x16mm)
  • Motors: Robo 1202.5 5500KV
  • Props: HQ 40mm 4-Blades Props
  • FPV camera: Caddx Nebula Nano V2
  • VTX: Caddx Vista
  • Antenna: Atomic 5.8GHz 30mm (LHCP)
  • Frame Wheelbase: 80mm
  • Weight without battery: 59g 63g

FC & ESC Stack

Flywoo Baby Quad Fc Stack Naked Caddx Vista

The Vista Air Unit is mounted under the top plate, leaving a little gap in the middle between the Vista and FC for the wires to pass through.

The FC and 4in1 ESC are separate 16x16mm boards, connected via header pins. Soft mounting seems to be working well, I don’t get any vibration or jello in flight.

That tiny FC actually uses an powerful F745 processor and has 7 UART’s. It also has built-in barometer, memory for Blackbox.

Naked Vista

To reduce weight, Flywoo removed the heatsinks on the Caddx Vista.

This is a popular hack called “naked Vista” that people have been doing especially for small light weight builds. Yes, it’s more likely to cause overheat, but you can shave nearly 10 grams off it which is a huge boost to flight performance. You can learn more about “naked Vista”, the pro’s and con’s and what to look out for.

Recommended LiPo Battery

Flywoo Baby Quad 4s 300mah Lipo Battery

For the Flywoo Baby Quad, the recommended batteries are 4S 300mAh and 450mAh. A 4S 300mAh gives you 3min flight time while a 4S 450mAh can do around 4 minutes. See what batteries I recommend.

Personally I prefer flying with 4S 300mah, it feels noticably more responsive and nimble in the air. It’s nice to have that one minute extra flight time but you can also feel the extra weight and it’s not as enjoyable to fly.

Closer Look

The Flywoo Baby Quad is running 40mm propellers and looks like a tiny whoop without ducts. But don’t be fooled by its small size, it’s a powerful 4S quad and is capable of carrying a naked GoPro!

Flywoo Baby Quad Naked Gopro

The weight of the Flywoo Baby Quad is slightly heavier than what’s claimed, at 63g not 59g (without battery). That’s still lighter than the Flywoo Nano Hex‘s 66g with Analog FPV system.

With a 4S 300mAh it’s about 101g.

Flywoo Baby Quad Motor Prop

It’s running Flywoo Robo 1202.5 5500KV motors with HQ 1.6×1.6×4 Micro Whoop Props (40mm, 1.5mm shaft). The arms are 1.5mm thick carbon fibre, while the top plate is 1mm thick.

Flywoo Baby Quad Fpv Camera Lens Protect

The FPV camera sticks out of the frame by a lot but they use a TPU lens protector for crash protection. Well at least you won’t see any props in the goggles :)

Flywoo Baby Quad 4s Lipo Lhcp Antenna Back

XT30 LiPo Battery connection.

Flywoo Baby Quad Lipo Battery Pad Strap

The battery pad and battery strap are much improved from the Nano Hex, guess they are listening to our suggestions. It’s really sticky rubberized battery pad, similar stickiness to the Ummagrip, battery not moving anywhere even in crashes,

Flywoo Baby Quad Prop Guard

The prop guards are included and can be installed under the motors/arms. They weigh about 6g in total including the longer motor screws that you need to replace the original ones with. They should come in handy if you want to fly indoor for safety reasons.

Flywoo Baby Quad Tpu 3d Print Antenna Mount There’s a power cable for the HD camera pre-soldered to the quad, it’s for the SMO 4K. It also comes with an adapter for the Naked GoPro Hero 6 (BetaFPV BEC board).

Flywoo Baby Quad Power Cable Hd Camera

How to Setup

Here’s my last working CLI dump in case you mess up yours.

Board: FLWO/FLYWOOF745NANO(STM32F745), loaded with Betaflight version 4.2.0

Here’s how I setup the Flywoo Baby Quad for first flight.

  • Activate Vista Caddx and bind it to your FPV Goggles (Make sure you do this with a fan blowing)
  • Change DShot300 to DShot600 since it’s running 8K/8K
  • Enable ESC DShot since it doesn’t have a buzzer (enable RX_SET only)
  • In Receiver Tab, Enable RSSI Channel (I selected AUX12), and pass LQ or RSSI via a channel (I am using Channel 12, as DJI doesn’t support displaying LQ or RSSI yet)
  • Assign switch for Arm, beeper and flip over after crash
  • clean up unused OSD elements, including the GPS info
  • Change rates to your preference


The Flywoo Baby Quad is a really fun little quad to fly in small space. It’s also very well tuned out of the box.

It offers the smallest form factor and yet decent flight performance when it’s not carrying extra payload. Compared to the nano Hex, it has two fewer motors and ESC, hence it’s cheaper too.

But if you want to carry an HD camera all the time, I would recommend the Nano Hex instead. The extra motors really do make the quad feel more responsive in the air. Yes the Baby Quad can handle it, but it doesn’t fly as nice as the Hex when carrying a GoPro, not to mention the additional weight from the Vista.

The only change I would make is to replace the Nebula Nano to the Nebula Pro, I want the prettier DVR footage as I won’t be using an HD camera on this quad.

Also, to avoid overheating the Vista, you should take off as soon as you plug in the battery :) Air flow from flying will cool the Vista down.

Don’t forget to get spare props as they can get damaged or fly away in crashes (40mm props 1.5mm shaft):

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Alex 7th September 2021 - 2:19 am

Can you use the DJI V2 receiver with this?

Oscar 7th September 2021 - 11:27 pm

I guess you mean the V2 goggles? Yes it works with the V2 goggles.

Kevin Bernitz 14th July 2021 - 11:32 am

I made a lightweight 3″ based on those same motors. They seem really good!