Forum Highlights #2 – QAV-XS build, Humidity affects flying, How to design your own frame, and more

by Oscar

The latest IntoFPV forum highlights features a QAV-XS build log; discussion about how humidity and sandy environment affects quadcopter flying, the process of how to design; produce and sell your own carbon fibre mini quad frame; a micro quad build log; and finally a couple of reviews of the ISDT Q6 LiPo charger, and Frsky S8R receiver.

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What are these forum highlights?

IntoFPV forum is one of my favorite places to share and discuss multirotor and FPV related stuff. IntoFPV is getting more and more popular, some valuable and interesting threads/posts are easily buried in the ever growing discussion. So I decided to share some of the “gems” here to help our readers get to know more about what’s going on in the FPV hobby, and at the same time promoting our forum.

For the latest forum highlights you can follow this tag. Check out the last forum highlight.

1 – QAV-XS Build Log and Review

Link –

The new QAV-XS is Lumenier’s new stretched X frame. JimmyLe813 took a closer look at the frame quality, and did a time lapse video on how it build this frame with fully KISS setup.

2 – Flying in sandy/humid environment

Link –

Humidity, sand, temperature… these factors can all affect air density, therefore affects the flight characteristics of our copters. Take a look at the post and see what the members say.

3 – Design Your frame – Armattan Will Cut It

Link –

Are you interested in designing your own frame?

Member sloscotty wrote this step by step how you can design and manufacture your very own and unique frame using Armattan’s service. You can even start selling them on their website! Check it out.

4 – “Minimalist 112” build log

Link –

Grisha showed us how he built his very first micro brushless quad using 4in1 ESC, with Racerstar BR1103 10000 kv motors.

5 – ISDT Q6 PLUS – mini pocket charger

Link –

Pimousse reviewed the latest lipo charger from iSDT, the Q6 plus!

It’s a high power (300W) charger yet compact enough to fit in your pocket! Great for daily charging as well as carrying to the field!

6 – S8R receiver with an interesting feature from FrSky

Link –

The S8R receiver, is not just a normal SBUS rx with Smart Port telemetry…. It has gyro and accelerometer built-in!!! It’s primarily designed for fixed wing planes and gliders, and provides stabilization and automatic level flight modes.

That’s all this week!

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Florian 7th April 2017 - 9:30 am

Hello Oscar,

you tutorials are every time a very good support to get more and more detailed into crazy stuff :-).

I have one question ?

From where do you have your mat which is shown on pics above.


Oscar 14th April 2017 - 5:49 pm

ebay, just search for “cutting matt”