Review: Foxeer Foxwhoop 35 Cinewhoop

by Oscar
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Today, we’re taking a look at the Foxeer Foxwhoop 35, Foxeer’s entry into the 3.5-inch Cinewhoop market. This drone is a step up from the Foxwhoop 25, with larger props and motors to accommodate the extra weight.

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Where To Buy?

There are a few versions of Foxwhoop 35. For radio, you can choose between ELRS, FrSky, Crossfire, and no radio. For FPV setup, you can opt for DJI digital FPV system or analog if you want.

Motor and Battery Options

The Foxwhoop 35 features 2105.5 2650kv motors for a 6S setup. A 4S option is available with the same motors at 3600kv. This provides a broader range of options compared to the Cinelog 35, which only offers a 6S version.

Electronics and Versions

The Foxeer Foxwhoop 35 has a basic design. There are no fancy LEDs, even though LED whoops are common nowadays.

Powered by an F7 all-in-one FC, the Foxeer F745 flight controller board with 45A 4in1 ESC integrated, Foxwhoop 35 is future-proofed for upgrades. It has blackbox, which is crucial for troubleshooting and tuning your drone.

The Foxwhoop 35 comes with a Runcam Link  (aka Caddx Vista) for video transmission. It features a Foxeer Apollo FPV camera with DJI compatibility. Versions with HGLRC analog, O3, and DJI cameras are also available.

If you choose analog, one of the biggest downsides of Foxwhoop 35 is its 350mW VTX.

Frame and Durability

With 5 mm-thick frame arms made form T700 carbon fibre, Foxeer Foxwhoop 35 is arguably one of the most durable FPV drone available in the market. Its arms are even thicker than some 5” FPV drones. This is worth considering for those who are concerned about durability. The durable prop guards come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that the drone can withstand crashes and rough handling.

Battery and Antenna

The Foxwhoop 35 uses an XT60 connector for larger 6S batteries. The antenna is a long Foxeer Lollipop 4+ with left-hand circular polarization for DJI.

Props and Camera Mount

The drone sports 3-bladed T3528 props, which are bullnose-style and made by Foxeer. The camera mount is hard-mounted and could be prone to vibrations, but the provided tune is stable enough to prevent jello or vibrations in the FPV camera.

ExpressLRS Receivers

The Foxwhoop 35 comes with new ExpressLRS receivers from Foxeer, featuring flat or full-size antennas. The larger receiver only supports version 3 firmware, while the smaller one supports version 2.

Flight Characteristics

The dry weight of Foxwhoop 35 is 250g. It is considered quite heavy for a cinewhoop this size, mainly due to its bulky frame. If you want something below 250g, this drone is not for you.

The Foxwhoop 35 is suitable for slow to medium-fast flying, but it is not designed to replace a 5-inch freestyle or racing drone. The provided tune is adequate for cruising and cinematic flying, but not for high-speed racing or freestyle maneuvers.


The Foxwhoop 35 is a durable and reliable Cinewhoop drone for intermediate FPV drone enthusiasts who prefer slow cinematic flying. Its thicker carbon plate and unbreakable prop guards make it more durable than other 3.5-inch Cinewhoops. However, it is not a suitable replacement for a 5-inch freestyle or racing drone.

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