Book: FPV Flight Dynamics by Christian Mollica

by Oscar

From the name of the book “FPV Flight Dynamics”, I initially thought it was a complicated “doctoral thesis” on how multirotors fly, but in fact it’s a fun read just about the absolute basics of FPV drones.

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Flight Dynamics – A “Textbook” about FPV

It’s a very comprehensive guide that covers most topics about FPV, from the overview of different types of drones and all the components, to how the drone respond to your stick inputs and how to perform certain FPV tricks.

Flight Dynamics book preview soldering connection

It’s a good read for just about anyone in the hobby, especially new comers who want to get a fundamental understanding of the hobby in a systematic fashion.

Flight Dynamics book preview stick quad movement

This book is truly impressive. As someone who also make written content for FPV, I can tell there’s an enormous amount of work and effort that went into this book. The content is well structured, the language is easy to understand, and it’s got some really amazing artworks.

You can take a look at the preview to get a taste:

Where to Buy

You can get a hard copy for $29.99:

You can also find the eBook copy for only $9.99 on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books or Google Play Books.

Flight Dynamics book

About the Author of Flight Dynamics

Massive thank you to the Author, Christian Mollica, for sending me a signed copy of this book, it’s been an enjoyable read! He’s also an FPV pilot himself and has a YouTube channel by the name “VespulaFPV”, you should check it out.

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Christian M. Mollica 6th May 2021 - 9:10 pm

Hey Oscar, it’s Christian! Thanks for the review and thanks for all the great content over the years! You’ve helped me on many, many occasions. Be well, friend.