FPV Goggles Battery Connector Mod – Power Adapters

In this tutorial I will show you how to make FPV Goggles Battery Connector for connecting different power sources and batteries. This hack will make battery charging easier, and allows you to use LiPo batteries that come with standard discharge connectors.

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Female Barrel to Male JST Battery Connector

Most FPV Goggles comes with LiPo battery that has a cylinder connector (aka 5.5mm, DC3.3mm barrel connector).

When charging you will need to use an adapter (female barrel to 3.5mm bullet connector) so you can connect the battery to your charger. However this is not the most convenient way to charge your battery if you are using a parallel charging board.

Therefore I decided to make a female barrel to male JST adapter, so I can plug my battery directly to the parallel charging board. You can also replace the JST with an XT60 if you find it easier. The good thing about these screw terminal is there is no soldering required.

Parts list:

Female JST to Male Barrel Adapter

With this adapter, you will be able to use any 2S LiPo batteries with standard connectors with your FPV Goggles, such as larger packs for longer battery life. Again, you can replace the JST with XT60 if you find it more convenient.

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Parts list:

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5 thoughts on “FPV Goggles Battery Connector Mod – Power Adapters

  1. Andy Osier

    Is there any way to power the Aomway Commanders with an AC adapter? This would be useful for playing simulators on a PC, for instance.

  2. James

    Nice mod! I’ve come up with an alternative that allows you to use any 2-6S LiPo with your FPV goggles. Check it out here if you’re interested: insanitydrones.com/diy-fatshark-battery-alternative/


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