Looking For Someone To Design RC/FPV Logos? Ask RC-Logos!

by Oscar

Coming up with a professional looking logo for your FPV or RC channel/brand is not an easy task. It’s best to get it right the first time, because changing logo can be damaging to your brand. If you are looking for help to design your RC or FPV logos, try RC-Logos.

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I see a large demand for professional logo designers in the RC and FPV hobby, when I hear about RC-Logos’ services I was tempted to give it a try.

This post is not sponsored by RC-Logos, they didn’t pay me to write about them. The reason I am promoting them is because I had a great experience with their service. They did design a demo logo for me for free so I can showcase their work in this blog post. And I will go through the process during the design of the logo.

Getting Your Ideas For the Perfect Logo

Since I already have an existing logo, they asked me what the thoughts and concepts are behind it, and how I want to improve it. Here is what I told them:

I wanted a logo that is serious, memorable and unique. I like the red, orange and yellow color theme as it stands out.

I want my new logo to look a bit more cartoon-ish and friendly, since my website is all about education and having fun :)

This is probably the most vague idea you can give a designer LOL, because I wanted to put them to the test :D Let’s see what they come up with!

First Logo Draft

I was surprised that they came back with a design the very next day!

And they explained the concepts behind the design in extreme detail which totally blew me away:

So, looking at the colors, the shapes and your last name on the actual logo I sensed the Chinese influence that was key for this new development idea; so I investigated into the demon concept as a symbol; turns out they’re not just “evil forces” They’re also intelligences of nature that can bring humans hidden knowledge from the material realm… So, basically the same that you do by teaching everybody the hidden and mistical craft of how to assemble cool and efficient quads, he.

Taking the chinese culture demon element and the necessity to do something fun yet still with a serious vibe so your audience won’t feel a sudden brand disruption; I took recognizable elements (mouth, dog nose, flame like hair, fangs) from the asian demon stereotype image and crafted these four faces that progressively become happier; so you have a wider range of emotions to choose from.

To the right of the sketch collection is a quick typography distribution to integrate your name on to the logo, so this time we can get it right.

You can communicate with the designer to make any adjustment you want. I asked them to put an FPV goggles on the lion’s face :)

Colored Draft

After a day or two they came back with a new version with my required adjustments and colored it as well.

I love the fact that they provided several variants of different color combinations based on the theme you prefer.

I then asked them to add some antennas to the goggles and see how it’d look. Within a day they came back with this. Very impressive and responsive work!

And they actually gave me advice on how the two antennas were making the logo a bit unbalanced. So I asked them to try moving one antenna to the side.

Final Logo Design

Here is the final design they did, of course they still gave me many variants of different colors, here is just one of the logos.

I love how they kept giving me honest opinions about the design, and asking me for more ideas and feedback along the way, made me feel more involved in the design process.

Highly talented artists and professional service, communication was responsive and the work quality is just excellent!

Interested and Want to Know More?

RC-Logos are still building their website, so for now you can find out about their works, or place your order either on their Facebook page, or using this google document.

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Fraser Steen 15th March 2019 - 3:48 pm

These guys did a logo for me and did a great job with a vague brief.

QuadifyRC.com 12th December 2018 - 7:53 pm

The package deal makes it much easier and transparent if someone wants to get a logo without all the fuss of typical graphic designers. Might have to get me one!