FPV News in September 2022

by Oscar
Fpv Firmware Updates Releases

On the first day of every month, I will post FPV related news from the past month including product releases and firmware updates. If I miss any important news please kindly remind us in the comment.

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ToolkitRC Charger Firmware Updates

M6DAC V1.05 (06 Sep 2022): https://www.toolkitrc.com/m6dac

M8S V1.24 (15 Sep 2022): https://www.toolkitrc.com/m8s

M6D V1.10 (08 Sep 2022): https://www.toolkitrc.com/m6d

ExpressLRS V3.0.0

09 Sep 2022

Major changes explained here.


Full Betaflight OSD Support for DJI FPV System by fpv.wtf

20 Sep 2022

This mod enables full MSP DisplayPort OSD on your DJI Goggles, instead of having to rely on the extremely limited Custom OSD from DJI. More info here: https://oscarliang.com/fpv-wtf-dji-goggles-osd/

EdgeTX “Flying Dutchman” v2.8.0-RC1

26 Sep 2022


  • Complete overhaul of UI framework for color screen radios (now implemented using LVGL)
  • New model select screen, and method of organising models.
  • Model/receiver IDs Improvement
  • Reduced the risk of corrupt radio.yml
  • Lua API has been extended so it is possible to recreate the built-in widgets with Lua
  • On radios with software controllable power of the AUX1 and AUX2 serial UARTs, you can now turn the power on and off via the Radio Settings => Hardware tab

CycloneFPV Company Update

26 Sep 2022


SnowLeopardFPV: In a nutshell Tarek got screwed over by a local school who are blaming him for a fire and cancelled his drone programme, he got fed up with numerous whining customers trying to take him for a ride, he decided to give away $200k worth of his stock to people for free who were really in need, and he will be giving away another $200k of stock to people who he thinks deserve it (that doesn’t include freeloaders). His business model will be changing, and he will be spending more time on what is most important to him, like family.

HDZero Goggles Release Date Update

27 Sep 2022


SnowLeopardFPV: In summary:

  • Release date: late December (2022) with pre-orders starting later November
  • Goggles price: $599.99 USD (Minimum Advertisable Price) 
  • Add-on analogue module bay (with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi module) price: $59.99 USD

Kiss Ultra 2.0.1-B38

28 Sep 2022


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