FPVModel MC2206 2000KV Brushless Motors Review

Today we will be reviewing the FPVModel MC2206 2000KV motors. This 2206 class motors are designed for FPV racing mini quad. If you are looking for more speed than 1806 or 2204 motors, this could be a good choice. They are also doing a deal on “buy 4 get 1 free” offer, at $18 each, not bad!

Please make sure to read about our guide on motors for mini quad.

I have only bench tested motor thrust so far, and planning to test it on the field in a week or two. It’s recommended to run 2-3S lipo with it, but I tested 4S battery it seems to run fine.




And this is what I am using to test it, my DIY thrust testing motor stand that I built yesterday.


Update: I did the thrust test again with a much more accurate thrust station.

With 5030 props on 4S, I am getting 570g thrust at 10A current which is pretty efficient and powerful. However with 5040 props, I get some extra 140g of thrust at nearly 12A current. From the official data sheet, they suggest this motor can reach more than 800g of thrust on 6030 props. I was getting 840 of thrust on my gemfan 6045 props, at 21A of current. Maybe it’s not comfortable with high pitch propellers on 4S. Maybe it’s better with 6030 props which weren’t available to me at the moment.



Props Peak Thrust Peak Current Max Power Efficiency g/w
DragonFly 5030 390 6.8 84.3 4.6
Gemfan 5030 385 6.6 81.8 4.7
Gemfan 5040 395 7.6 94.2 4.2
HQ5040 398 8.2 101.7 3.9
Gemfan 5045 440 8.8 109.1 4.0
HQ5045 Bullnose 490 12.8 158.7 3.1
Gemfan 6045 635 15.2 188.5 3.4
HQ6045 650 14.6 181.0 3.6


Props Peak Thrust Peak Current Max Power Efficiency g/w
DragonFly 5030 565 9.9 158.4 3.6
Gemfan 5030 570 9.9 158.4 3.6
Gemfan 5040 595 11.6 185.6 3.2
HQ5040 605 12.1 193.6 3.1
Gemfan 5045 710 13.5 216.0 3.3
HQ5045 Bullnose 670 19.2 307.2 2.2
Gemfan 6045 840 21 336.0 2.5
HQ6045 845 20.5 328.0 2.6

I will probably run Gemfan 5045 with 4S on my mini quad, some 12A ESC should be sufficient (since I don’t fly full throttle all the time). That should make a good alternative to the Cobra 2204 1960KV motors, which are usually out of stock.

Next step would be testing it on a quadcopter. Stay tune!

Update (21/07/2015) – I don’t advise using Damped Light / Active Braking with this Motor. I burned 3 ESCs when running this feature with this motor (still not sure why).

Update (01/08/2015) – Motor Bell popped during flight.

12 thoughts on “FPVModel MC2206 2000KV Brushless Motors Review

  1. vipul jain

    hello Oscar, I am using a motor in size 2208 and 1600 kv, LiPo Battery of 2200 mah 4s. please suggest me right prop size with diameter and pitch as well as ESC rating of Amphere should i use?

  2. Badur

    Hi Oscar,

    Are you going to do any review of these new Cobra 2206/20 2100 KV motors? I’ve heard some positive opinions.
    I am looking forward to see any review.

    1. Oscar Post author

      HI Badur

      I cannot afford to buy these motors only for review. However I have asked my friend who has tested this motor to give me some feedback, not sure when he will get back to me though.

  3. Gianky

    Hi Oscar, why damped light can’t be used with this motor? I didn’t think that feature could be a problem with some motors…

    1. Oscar Post author

      I don’t know why, with damped light turned on, the ESC just stopped working completely after a minute or two… very strange…

  4. Yura Kutsurenko


    Do a comparison review vs 2204 1960kv cobra’s. I just ordered cobra’s because of your review of it. Hopefully you still like them better than these ones! haha

  5. RCMicha

    Hi Oscar, did you already a Test on a miniquad? How do they perform? I’ve ordered some of these Motors and i’m really excitet about the Performance.

      1. RCMicha

        ok, thanks for your reply. the new thrusttests seems to be very intresting. got my motors today, so i will be start my build very soon. thanks for all your informations.

  6. micah

    Hi Oscar — as, Sigi_cz said, I suspect the reduced thrust numbers you’re getting are the result of your test setup. Pointing the prop down with only a few inches of clearance will inhibit airflow, and throw off your thrust numbers.

  7. Sigi_cz

    I don’t think You should block the motor/propeller with that piece of board on bottom. Why don’t You do it as others and keep motor in free air with plenty of room?


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