Review: FuriousFPV TRUE-D 4.0 Receiver Module

by Oscar

FuriousFPV released the True-D 4.0 – a receiver module designed for FPV Goggles. The True-D 4.0 has updated hardware, firmware and algorithm from its predecessor, the popular True-D V3.

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Where to Buy True-D 4.0?

You can get the True-D 4.0 from: [pending]

In the box comes with a spare track ball button.

True-D 4.0 vs. True-D X

The True-D V4 is strictly an update of the V3, it’s not an upgrade or replacement of the True-D X which FuriousFPV only recently released.

FuriousFPV made the True-D X to compete with the ImmersionRC Rapidfire, which both use more advanced hardware and image processing to minimize RF interference. And therefore both of these modules are more expensive than the rest of diversity modules on the market.

The True-D V4 is meant to be a simple and affordable diversity receiver option, for those who don’t fly at places with too much interference, like an open field.

What’s Special about the True-D V4?

At first glance, I noticed the much better looking cover, there are options for both Fatshark Dominator/HDO and Attitude FPV goggels.

True-D V3 (left) vs. True-D V4 (right)

The True-D V4 is using the same “BlackBerry style” track ball button instead of push buttons like the True-D X module. The track ball is semi-transparent with the RGB LED underneath, it lights up in the dark and changes color, which is cool.

Some might find this easier to use, but personally, I still prefer a multi-directional button like the one on the Rapidfire. I find it slightly more precise when it comes to menu navigation and selecting parameters.

It has a micro USB port for firmware updates. They have also made the process more user friendly with their own developed software,

One of the coolest new features has to be the integrated OSD menu. You can now access the menu on your FPV goggles’ screen and select whatever channel you want without taking your goggles off.

And the True-D also has some of the best, if not the best graphics interface and menu logos on the little LCD screen, and very intuitive layout, Note that it also has a temperature sensor, for some reason this module can get quite hot.

The built-in lap timer is a nice feature for the racers.

And you can even customize your own home screen with elements you like.

Available modes and features are:

  • Saved Channels
  • All Channels
  • Smart Search
  • Band Scanner
  • Settings
  • OSD Layout
  • Lap Timer
  • Find Mode


Still waiting for a clear day to test this module, unfortunately it’s been raining for over 3 weeks here. I will compare it to the V3, and hopefully the Rapidfire and True-D X too if I have time.

FuriousFPV has come a long way with the user experience of their receiver modules. They have been constantly making improvement and software updates for the V3, it was great for the users. I hope they will do the same for the V4, and I can’t wait to see what features they can bring to this new module.

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Mariano 20th March 2020 - 9:47 am

Como se actualiza este receptor? No hay ningun video Al respecto

Nef73 2nd February 2020 - 8:22 pm

Hi Oscar, I have been in contact with furious FPV support and we have been able to power the module up with a 5v supply, which means that it does not fully seat in the hdo2 pin socket fully. I removed the screws holding the module to its transparent red case on the pin side and I was able to finally get it seated in the bay and power up. So as a note the module case either requires some fiddling to get it to fit better on the hdo2 or furious have to increase the screw stand-off so the module goes fully into the socket, either way hopefully this will help other people if they experience the same symptoms I had.

Nef73 25th January 2020 - 3:51 am

Hmm I just got this for my HDO2 and it won’t work, works fine when I plug it in the computer with the usb plug but no go on the hdo2 for some reason. Looks like I will be sticking with the pro58 with Achilles and Prix.

Oscar 2nd February 2020 - 3:35 pm

I’m afraid this is something you’d have to check with FuriousFPV tech support.

Ryan 20th November 2019 - 5:11 am

So this doesn’t require the ribbon cable or jump mod like rapid fire or true d x?

Giovany Arana Loaiza 25th October 2019 - 2:31 pm

Nice! I do prefer True-D over RapidFire. In my humble opinion True-D delivers a better quality video.