News: FuriousFPV True-D X Module

FuriousFPV released a teaser video on a new product: the True-D X module for the Fatshark FPV goggles. They hinted the “True-D X” would have better hardware, software and overall performance compared to the True-D 3.8.

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The Release of True-D X Module

On their Facebook page, FuriousFPV announced today:

After 3 years of developing the well-trusted True-D diversity module, FuriousFPV steps up the game in 2019 with an all new True-D X module with completely new hardware and the new antenna switching technology. It opens up opportunities to add more features to the True-D X where the existing True-D has reached the limit of hardware capability. More details are coming soon

The images I have are from the teaser video.

How Does it Compared to Other Modules?

I am very excited about this, and I cannot wait to test it against the True-D V3 (with latest 3.8 firmware), my current favorite Pro58, most importantly, the ImmersionRC Rapidfire!

I borrowed the Rapidfire for two days and I was well impressed by the performance. But I just couldn’t pull the trigger because of the high price point.

So far we know the True-D X module uses a similar menu to the True-D 3.8, and has a single “Blackberry” style rolling button for menu navigation. The button looks kind of cool with the LED backlight glowing in the dark. Very clean design indeed.

In the teaser video they showed the module with two onmi-directional antennas, indicating that the True-D X is intended for close range flying, or maybe it’s just for the clean look. But I suspect it’d be possible to use one onmi and one directional antenna for longer range too.

The FPV Goggles are the Fatshark HDO

More Info?

There is no spec leaked at this point. I will keep you all informed on this page as I hear more.

Here is the video from FuriousFPV.

They claim the new module would have the following features:

  • “High speed diversity”, I guess that means fast switching between antennas
  • “No drop DVR frames”, very cool feature, at the moment only Rapidfire fixed it in the receiver module as far as i know
  • “No Latency”, well… i don’t think latency was a problem in Fatshark modules to begin with. Just marketing i guess
  • “No rolling” screen”, good to hear that :)

And do you notice the on-screen display in the test footage? That’s a pretty cool new feature coming from the True-D 3.8.

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