Review: GEPRC Mark5 BNF FPV Drone – The Ultimate Choice for Beginners and Pro Alike

by Oscar
Geprc Mark5 Bnf Fpv Drone Dji O3

The GEPRC MARK 5 HD O3 is an outstanding pre-built BNF (bind and fly) FPV drone choice for freestyle flying, thanks to its refined design, incredible stability, and impressive camera capabilities. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the exceptional GEPRC Mark 5, explore what it has to offer, and compare it to other popular BNF quadcopters to help you decide which one is the best for you.

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Where to Buy

The GEPRC MARK5 comes in both analog and HD versions, with a range of features that set it apart from its competitors. The HD version is available in the DJI O3, Vista and Walksnail, which many FPV pilots prefer. The analog version offers a Caddx Ratel 2 camera, providing excellent image quality.





The GEPRC Mark5 comes in a well-secured plain box with a bunch of accessories, such as foam wedges for camera angle adjustments, two sets of Gemfan propellers, easy-to-understand instructions, and additional hardware and tools like battery straps, rubber feet, and various mounting attachments for different camera types. The included extra hardware and tools are a thoughtful touch.

Features and Specifications

Geprc Mark5 Bnf Fpv Drone Analog Fc Electronics

The GEPRC Mark5 shares similar specifications with drones such as the iFlight Nazgul Evoque and Roma F5. However, it has a higher price tag.

DJI O3 Camera System

The DJI O3 camera system incorporated in the GEPRC Mark5 can record stunning 4K videos at 60fps. It offers excellent image quality and impressive stability that rivals gimbal-mounted cameras. However, it’s essential to be aware that the X-frame design will result in props appearing in the frame when the camera is set to ultra-wide or wide modes. To avoid this, you can either crop the video in post-production, use clear colored props, or mount an external camera, like the GoPro Hero 11 Mini, on top of the drone.


The quad has a GEPRC F722 flight controller with Bluetooth capability, powered by 2107.5 motors with 1960 KV for the 6S configuration and 2450 KV for the 4S configuration.  The motors are paired with Gemfan freestyle props, providing a smooth and stable flight experience. The MARK5 also boasts 50A ESCs, ensuring plenty of power for freestyle and racing.

Action Camera Mount Options

One of the standout features of the GEPRC Mark5 is the variety of mount options it offers. The drone includes multiple mounts compatible with various cameras such as GoPro, DJI action cameras, and micro-sized cameras. These TPU mounts are designed with wider bolts, enhancing their durability and providing added protection during crashes.

Frame Design and Durability

Geprc Mark5 Bnf Fpv Drone Dji

The GEPRC Mark5 features a squashed X and deadcat configurations (optional) with a 225mm wheelbase and a weight of 392 grams without the battery. It showcases exceptional build quality, boasting a robust aluminum frame, 2.5mm carbon top and bottom plates, and 5mm thick arms. An aircraft-grade aluminum camera protector safeguards the DJI O3 camera system at the front. The carbon fiber frame is designed for sturdiness and durability, with strategically placed skids to minimize damage during crashes. Additionally, the “truck bed” design accommodates larger batteries, enabling longer flight times.

Constructed with high-quality 7075 alloy aluminum, the GEPRC Mark5’s front end is stronger, harder, and more durable than carbon fiber alternatives. As the area where most impacts occur, this metal design offers superior durability.

The Mark5 features a split top-deck design that allows easy access to electronics without removing the entire GoPro mount. The top plate connects to the metal brace and bottom plate, providing rigidity and flexibility. This two-plate design, similar to the ImpulseRC Apex, offers several advantages, including a centralized center of gravity, improved rotation, and enhanced durability.

With only two screws per arm, the lightweight arms attach to the frame for a rigid structure. These 5mm thick carbon arms are 10mm wide at their narrowest point, ensuring a well-designed and durable frame.

The GEPRC Mark 5 HD O3 is available in two eye-catching color options: emerald green and coral orange.

Flight Performance

Upon flying the new MARK 5, I immediately noticed its exceptional tuning. The impressive handling ensure a delightful flight experience, even in windy conditions, allowing for smooth and precise control. The flight controller (FC) also features Bluetooth, enabling on-the-go adjustments to your Betaflight settings via the Speedybee app on your smartphone.

However, adding a GoPro to the drone noticeably affected flight time and performance. The additional weight made the drone less punchy, requiring more throttle to maintain altitude. Despite this, the Mark5 delivers snappy and powerful responses, feeling locked in even with mild wind.


Geprc Mark5 Bnf Fpv Drone Dji O3

In summary, the GEPRC MARK 5 is an excellent choice for beginner and pro alike. It offers a refined design, impressive performance, and high-quality components. Although it’s not the perfect fit for everyone, given its high price point compared to alternatives like the iFlight Nazgul V2 and Evoque F5, it provides a well-rounded user experience.

With bind-and-fly quadcopters constantly improving and becoming more competitively priced, choosing between building your own or purchasing a pre-built quadcopter depends on personal preference and specific equipment needs. Options like the GEPRC Mark 5 and iFlight Evoque F5 offer great flying experiences without the hassle of building from scratch. If you’re considering the GEPRC Mark5, I’d recommend the 6S version as it offers better performance.

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Gabe 29th May 2023 - 3:17 am

How low can you tilt a gopro before seeing props in view on the x frame?

Oscar 29th May 2023 - 12:36 pm

you can use a higher degree gopro mount. but if you really want to avoid props in view, you should go with the deadcat version.