Review: GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case with BEC Board & ND Filter

by Oscar
GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case nd filter

The GEPRC Naked GoPro Case has the best design I have seen so far. It’s for the Hero 8 camera, BEC board and ND filter are included in the package. It can be mounted directly on many GEPRC’s BNF models. Let’s check it out in this review.

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You can learn more about Naked GoPro 8 here.

Where to Buy?

GEPRC GoPro 8 Case Only:

Whole Naked GoPro 8 Camera:

It comes with the following accessories in the box:

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case unbox accessories parts

Features of GEPRC GoPro Hero 8 Case

The GEPRC Case for Naked GoPro 8 is injection molded with a spray-on rubbery finish, it feels premium and really well made. Definitely the best looking case for the Naked GoPro I have seen so far.

Material is ABS, it’s light weight and strong. But it’s not made for abuse, if you crash hard enough you can still break it.

It has built-in lens protection on the front plate, as well as dedicated mounting for the front LCD screen.

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case lens protection

The case is a couple of grams heavier than the NamelessRC one (which is 3D printed), the total weight of the Naked GoPro with GEPRC GoPro case comes to 27g, which is not bad at all.

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case weight

It comes with ND16 ND filter which is nice, buying an ND filter can usually set you back another $10-$15. The ND filter weighs about 2g, brings the total weight to about 29g. It’s a snug fit and does not easily come off.

The only problem is that they only give you one ND, and they don’t even sell them of other values.

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case nd filter

It comes with a mount that is compatible with many GEPRC’s BNF models, including the popular GEPRC Rocket.

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case mount

You can certainly use a TPU 3D printed mount too. Here’s the dimensions of the case if you want to design one.

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case dimension size length width height

BEC Board Specs

The GEPRC BEC board converts 2S to 6S voltage down to 5V to power the GoPro, and it has MODE button and REC button.

You can also connect it to your FC and start recording using a switch on your radio (via the REC pin), but I don’t personally recommend it as it’s not always unreliable (related to a bug in Betaflight). To save yourself headaches, just use the buttons.

  • Input Voltage: 2S-6S
  • Output: 5V 2A
  • GH1.25-3P connector
  • Control cable: GH1.25-3P cable

It has a slider that lets you choose “auto power on”, or “normal” which requires users to turn on the camera by holding down the MODE button.

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case BEC board pinout button diagram

Here are some close up shots of the BEC board:

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case BEC board top

Between the BEC board and GoPro 8 motherboard, GEPRC didn’t use any washers. Instead they went with BetaFPV’s solution, to use SMD capacitors as spacers.

GEPRC bec board motherboard spacer capacitor

One disadvantage with the GEPRC’s BEC board is that it lacks the ability to connect to the GoPro back screen. To change camera settings or check live view, you’d have to rely on the APP on your phone. I wish they’d have broken out the screen connector like what NamelessRC did.


Here’s the instruction diagram provided by GEPRC.

how to assemble install GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case

Install the camera lens and front LCD screen first.

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case install lens front lcd

Then the motherboard and BEC board.

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case install motherboard

There are a lot of holes on the back housing for cooling. You probably want to remove the yellow wire in the power cable if you are not controlling the camera from the FC to avoid issues.

GEPRC Naked GoPro 8 Case power cable back

Thanks for reading, hope it helps.

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