Google Search Not working and SSL Popup Issue

by Oscar

My friends and me have been getting this message a lot recently.

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SSL search is off This network has turned off SSL search, so you cannot see personalized results. The security features of SSL search are not available. Content filtering may be in place. Learn More | Dismiss 

Also Google Searching only works by typing in the address bar field, and you cannot go to the second page of search result, it just gets stuck or gets a grey out page.

After a bit of research it turn out it’s the ‘SafeSearch’ feature that stops the search page to work. And I can’t turn this feature off for some strange reason, even when the check box is unchecked.

Fortunately, I find out a simple way that allows you to stop and disable Google SafeSearch SSL (HTTPS). Simply log out of your Gmail account on the browser, and it works again!

This is an easy but strange method to remove Google SSL search! Do you have other methods to stop Google from redirecting Google search to HTTPS?

There are other people syaing the network administrators and ISPs can do something about it. You can force the non-SSL version of Google to your users, but I am not sure how.

As Jessica Schwartz from Google (no relation), said in a Google Web Search Help thread, “there is an option for No-SSL.” She links to this page for schools that specifies the configuration change the network administrator needs to make to prevent SSL searches.

I will keep report back if I find a better solution to this.

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