GoPro Broken LCD Screen and Bluetooth – How to Select Video Resolution and FPS

by Oscar

GoPro Cameras are pretty tough, but unfortunately not the LCD screen, without the screen you can’t see the menu and it makes it very difficult to change settings. You might still be able to use Bluetooth, and change camera settings on your smart phone or the wifi remote.

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I am probably not the luckiest person. In my recent quadcopter crash I managed to break both the bluetooth and LCD screen on my GoPro Hero3+ Black edition, though it’s still recording. And somehow my settings has gone wrong, I wanted to use 1080p 60fps, but it’s on 960p 30fps.

So how do we go about changing resolution and frame rate, without any tools? This is what I did and it worked for me. I basically find out and memorize how many times i need to press a button, to get to the menu page I want on the GoPro camera, and select the option I need.

This post might sound silly, but just wanted to documented in case I need it again… and it might help someone out there :)

Let’s get started!

First of all, find out what settings you are currently on. Record a short video, open it on your computer and check what resolution and frame rate.

Then turn on the GoPro, in theory you should be on this page (home page).


Press mode button 4 times, will get you to the settings page (wrench icon)


Press shutter button to enter.


And the first option is exactly what we need, the screen resolution and frame rate page. Press shutter to enter.


Press shutter again to choose resolution, or press mode button go scroll down to FPS.

Since you have found out what your current settings are, look it up on the GoPro Official website, to find out what resolution / FPS your camera supports. For resolution, they are in the exact order as shown on the website (from highest to lowest). For FPS, the order is opposite to the what was stated on the website (from lowest to highest).




As an example, my current settings are 960p 30fps, and I want to change to 1080p 60fps. First I turned the camera on, then press

  • mode button x 4 (wrench icon)
  • shutter button x 3 (resolution setting menu)
  • mode button x 9 (toggle through resolution)
  • shutter button x 1 (select resolution)

I then hold down shutter button for 3 seconds to go back to home page, and recorded a short video to confirm my new resolution settings, before changing FPS. Confirmed, I then restarted camera.

  • mode button x 4 (wrench icon)
  • shutter button x 2 (resolution / FPS settings)
  • mode button x 1 (scroll down to FPS)
  • shutter button x 1 (enter FPS setting menu)
  • mode x 2 (toggle through FPS)
  • shutter button x 1 (select FPS)

Now, test it again to confirm.

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Joanne 11th September 2019 - 11:24 pm

This tutorial was just what we needed! Thank you so much for taking the time to discover this ‘blind’ method and sharing it for the rest of us. Many, many thanks! God bless you!

Austin Scott 3rd August 2017 - 2:03 am

This was incredibly helpful… many thanks my friend