GoPro Studio Flux – Effects on Slow Motion and Time Lapse Videos

by Oscar

What is Flux in GoPro Studio?

Flux is available since GoPro Studio 2.5, it enables smooth slow-motion and fast-motion videos. It blends the changes of picture all together to smooth out the action.

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There are expensive software that can do this such as Twixtor, After Effects. But I think this adds great value to the free video editing sofware, and it would be great to have this editor even if you don’t have the GoPro Camera. Note that you can also use GoPro Studio with non-GoPro footage, this guide show you how.

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Performance of Flux

I am actually amazed how well this feature works with ultra slow motion videos. The lack of frame rate causes influence picture, but Flux really smooth out the video as you can see in this comparison video.

However it doesn’t seem to do so well with time lapse videos, maybe it’s something to do with the change of object size. It also doesn’t do very well with things that change too rapidly, that’s why you should always filmed with highest frame rate possible when using this feature.

Tips for using Flux

It is an awesome feature, but it does take a long time to render the video. So here are some tips when using Flux.

  • Apply Flux to shorter clips or short sections of a clip.
  • Try to have a clean background behind your subject.
  • Shoot at a higher frame rate (if possible).

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watec camera 6th November 2015 - 11:02 am

Great writing it is such a cool and nice idea thanks for sharing your post.I like your post very much. Thanks for your post.

Rui Garcia 24th September 2015 - 6:54 pm

“Hi Oscar”
Good job.
Unfortunately my PC did not fulfill the minimum requirements for the installation of Flux. :(
What video editor that is recommended for Windows Vista 32 bit?

GaryG 20th April 2015 - 11:52 pm

Thanks. Just the info I needed. Have a blessed day. –GaryG