Best GoPro 5 Session Settings For FPV

In this article we will recommend the best GoPro5 Session camera settings for FPV, that I found gives the best image quality for flight videos.

Learn about how to choose an HD camera for your drone in this article.


Recommended Setting: 2.7K Superview at 30fps, or 1080p Superview at 60fps

Popular resolution for FPV videos are compared in the following table: (assuming Protune is on)

bit rate Superview 60fps with Superview
1080p 45Mbps @ 60fps Yes Yes
2.7K 60Mbps @ 48fps Yes @ 30fps No
4K 60Mbps @ 30fps No No

For the best resolution for FPV videos from GoPro session 5 would be 2.7K at 30fps with Superview. And you should upload  for uploading you will get a crisper image than filming  at 1080p.

If you want superview with 60fps, then 1080p would be the go to option.

First of all, let’s have a look at the bit rate under different resolutions:

  • 1080p 60fps – 45Mb/s
  • 2.7K and 4K 60fps – 60Mb/s

Apparently GoPro has a maximum bit rate of 60Mb/s, 2.7K and 4K have the same bit rate. That means if you are using 4K you will effectively have less image quality per pixel than 2.7K.

There are also other downsides to 4K, such as the lack of 60fps, and Superview isn’t possible at 4K which is a feature preferred by many mini quad pilots.

2.7K only support superview at 30fps. The highest FPS is 48, but then you have to turn off superview to set it that high.

Setting for GoPro Session 5


Recommended Setting: Protune turned on

I prefer to enable Protune for FPV.


Recommended Setting: Flat

  • Flat – the video would look more neutral and low in contrast
  • GoPro Color – the result would look very vivid and nice

Basically Flat Color has higher image detail and allows more room for the user to “color edit” the footage later. It’s not designed for direct consumption, but for post colour grading process. If you are doing post video editing and want to change the look of the video, you should try “Flat color” otherwise just stick with “GoPro Color”.


Recommended Setting: Medium

I like to leave this at medium, so the image looks smoother and more natural.

ISO Limit

Recommended Setting: 1600

ISO changes the exposure of the image, it works like an “signal amplifier”. The Higher ISO, the higher sensitivity to light, and it’s great for dark environment. But it also introduce/amplifies digital noise. The problem can be seen as “grainier” image.

When setting the ISO limit, you are not setting the fixed ISO the camera is going to use, but rather just the highest value the camera is allowed to use. For example if 1600 ISO limit was set, the camera could be using 100, or 1600 depends on the environment.

In a bright day you are really not going to notice any difference between 400 and 1600. IMO it might be better to give the camera room for adjustment in case you run into low light conditions so 1600 might be more suitable for FPV.

Shutter Speed

Recommended Setting: Auto

Shutter speed can change the exposure of the image too. The slower shutter speed, the brighter image and good for dark environment.

The general rule of thumb for constant lighting is to have the minimum shutter speed at least 2 times of the frame rate. For example for 30fps, shutter speed should be at least 1/60. With shutter speed too low, your image can look over-exposed, with lots of motion blur that doesn’t look good.

10 thoughts on “Best GoPro 5 Session Settings For FPV

  1. John

    Hey Oscar,
    Im confused. My Session 5 does not have 2.4K? The closest is 2.7K and 2.7K 4:3. Whats the deal there?
    I bought the camera this week just incase that makes a difference.

    1. Oscar Post author

      even if you could it’s going to be useless because how large the latency is.
      Just use it for recording HD footage.

    1. John

      No there would not be one as the latency is way too long on HD video. Youll have to run a specific system line the Connex FPB system but $$$$$

  2. Ethan

    I have went through my session(not 4K) and there isn’t a stabilization option. Also don’t see an option for sharpness. It is set now at 14400/30. Was using 1080 and it just looked horrible.

    Am wondering if I should have just gotten the 5 now.

  3. Scott A Lazaruk

    Hey Oscar,

    Found this useful, but … could you post a more complete set of settings?
    IE include the ones you skipped over?

    For example, turning off video stabilization. (Which I think I’m supposed to do, from searching around). Would be cool to have the settings all in one place for those who are getting started with this. thanks!

    1. Oscar Post author

      Hi Scott,
      I’ve only mentioned the ones that need changing, the rest should just be at their default values :)
      definitely leave stabilization off :) it makes FPV footage look worse.
      I am still experimenting with other settings i will keep updating this article.


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