Review: GTENG T909 FPV Watch – Tiny 2″ LCD Display

Today we are reviewing this cool gadget – the GTeng T909 FPV watch with 2″ LCD screen! It has a built-in battery and VRX, providing decent run time and range, all in this tiny package.

The GTeng T909 FPV watch was sent to me for review from


  • Watch Dimension: 56mm x 50mm x 12.5mm
  • Screen Dimension: 2″ TFT LCD Display (width 46mm x length 30mm)
  • Resolution: 960 x 240 (probably wrong info from manufacturer? more like 320×240 to me)
  • Built-in Omni Directional whip Antenna (gain: 3dbi)
  • Built-in video receiver: 5.8Ghz, 4 Bands, 32 Channels
  • Built-in 300mAh LiPo battery, charged via 5V Micro USB port, charging takes about 50-60 mins
  • Power Consumption: 300mA @ 3.7V (1S), the built-in battery would last about an hour
  • Weight (including belt): 62g

Unboxing the T909

The GTeng T909 FPV watch comes with a USB cable for charging, and a manual.

gteng-t909-fpv-watch-unbox gteng-t909-fpv-watch-content-package-items

The length of the watch is about 27cm.


On the left there is a USB connector for charging battery, and the foldable antenna.

On the right, there are the power button and channel button.

gteng-t909-fpv-watch-antenna-usb-connector-left-side gteng-t909-fpv-watch-buttons-right-side

To switch on/off the GTENG T909 FPV watch, simply hold down the power button for 3 seconds.

Press the channel button to change channels, hold down the channel button for 3 seconds to change frequency bands.


For some reason there are lots of dust on the wrist band out of the box. It doesn’t affect usage, but certainly not the best first impression for me and feels dirty.

Impression of the GTeng FPV watch

First of all, I cannot imagine how you could see this watch on your wrist while controlling the TX, not to mention the tiny screen. So to me it would be more sensible to use it for spectators, or for testing equipment.


However the resolution seems to be very good, the little OSD text on the footage is recognizable if you look closer. There is no obvious delay either comparing to the 7″ monitor I was using. However the LCD screen is not very bright, so it’s hardly visible under the sun. Also the viewing angle is quite narrow at about 45 degree.


I also tested the range, it has 90% range as my ImmersionRC Uno V2 VRX I used for Ground station. I was using a FX797 video transmitter on a Tiny whoop, and I was getting about 180m before video was cutting out (unflyable image condition). On the Uno VRX I got 210m.

You can even just use this watch as a TV streaming display: hook up the AV cable to your VTX transmitter and you can walk around the house with the watch without missing out what’s on the show :)

Unfortunately, it’s not really a watch as it doesn’t tell the time. But, you can put a camera/VTX in front of a clock, and set the VTX on Ch7 if you’re desperate :)

Pros and Cons

To sum up, it’s very easy to use and it’s cheap. Good battery life for the small size, reception is also excellent, more than enough for FPV races.

However the screen is too small as a primary FPV display, but it would be tons of fun as a spectator monitor. Overall it’s a cool gadget and very handy for testing.


Another disadvantage is that, it’s a bit too dark to use under the sun, and brightness/contrast are not adjustable.

And it’s quite a good companion with the Tiny Whoop :) Even the colours match nicely.



First thing I would do is probably to remove the wrist bands :) Don’t think I would ever wear it ;p

I might also change out the battery to some bigger ones, or make a input power port so I can power it with external batteries. Simply lift the screen to access the main PCB and battery bay.

The FPV watch is using a RX5808 video receiver module (which you can get easily in case you want to replace it). That means you can actually take it apart, remove the whip antenna and add a SMA connector to the VRX, so that you can install a higher gain antenna to give you more range :)

Here is the manual for future reference.


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